Monday, January 25, 2010


Click the button above to check out more posts like mine and see how you can be a part of the "Not Me" Monday madness and fun. My first ever "Not Me" Monday post sponsored by MckMama. This should be fun. Here I sit after what I thought was going to be the perfect weekend, hoping to pound out a blog entry in 10min or less like always. But Not Me! In fact I'll be lucky to get one decent paragraph down in 10min without a typo. (Oh wait I have spell check.. LOL!) You see the weekend started out great, and the rip roaring fun continued on into Saturday along with the drizzle we've been having. In fact I planned a game night with my best girl-friend, Dad, little brother, and little brother's Mom while DH went to Saturday night poker night with *B*. When I went to pick up my friend at her house it was dark. Her teenage driver daughter had parked to close to the other car in their drive, and I couldn't fit through between them. I ended up having to walk around and I couldn't see since it was dark, and fell. I bet you think it was a graceful fall, don't you? Nope, Not Me! Ya know b/c that's not my style. I went face first in the mud catching myself with my hands. I got up went inside her house, and semi-cleaned myself off. Then you know I didn't proceeded to Wal*Mart to buy the board game "Last Word", with me looking a mess and mud all over and in pain, b/c I was determined to have fun damnit. Nope, Not Me! LOL! We get home and laugh and play, carrying on until 2am, and I didn't even go to the hospital that night b/c the pain wasn't that bad.

The next day I ended up at the hospital wearing a face mask b/c I wasn't there for a respiratory cold or the flu. Definitely NOT ME! I was there for x-rays. I answered their questions, got my pretty pictures of my bones taken, and I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally 3hrs later, the nurse comes in and gets out a splint to splint my wrist with. She tells me the Dr. will be with me shortly. Finally he comes in and tells me that I have a hair line fracture to the wrist, and I have to see an orthopedist, and sport this ugly black velcro splint until. Ugh.... I was hoping this was Not Me!

So here I sit in this painful oblivion this Monday evening waiting until Friday for my ortho appt., typing one handed (and doing quite well at it I might add), feeling helpless b/c it's my right hand and I'm right-handed, and ready to be hyped up on pain pills as soon as *B* goes to bed all b/c I have a fractured wrist. Holy cow, do I wish this was Not Me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Date Night

Tonight was DH and my first date night and almost a year. (I know we're pathetic, but I only trust a hand full of people with our child, and well they have lives and busy schedules and aren't usually available and it's just usually easier to take him with us than have an emotional meltdown from anyone.) We went bowling with another couple and it was GREAT! I miss just being able to get out and do this sometimes. While I had alot of fun, and we bowled 4 games (DH won 2, and I won 2) I missed our baby. I don't think it will ever get any easier when I leave him to do this, even though I know he's in excellent hands. Probably the reason why we have so few date nights b/c DH gets fed up with me being teary eyed through dinner b/c something reminds me of *B*, or I cut us short on whatever we're doing so I can race back to rescue him even though I find him playing happily and not missing us the slightest. Tonight though I must say I restrained from doing either of these things, and when we were done with the third game and were asked by the other couple if we wanted to play one more... I didn't even hesitate. I did miss *B*, but I knew I had to do this for my husband, and our marriage. There are just times that you as parent, I guess, have to suck it up in order to keep the peace in all aspects of your life so that nothing falls to the way side... especially not the person that is supposed to be your equal in everything.

So, my Dad watched our little Monster, and he had his uncle to play with. He was happy and taken care of. Pap-paw hyped him up on M&M's, gummi worms, and pop... but hey I can't complain it was free child care. *B* loves his pap-paw and I love that he has a close enough relationship with him that it gives DH and I the chance to get away and reconnect on us without the Monster in tow. I have a really great Dad!!

Did I mention I had a GREAT time??? And that I beat DH in two games??? And I have the most AMAZING father??? I did??? Well, I thought I'd mention it again b/c it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. :o) Have a good weekend everyone!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


or maybe the regaining of my sanity is my daily shower. I would love to be able to get one in the near future with the bathroom door closed. B/c ya know I have to keep it open b/c God forbid my child have to pee, and can't open the door himself for whatever reason. Or how about getting one without the toilet getting flushed while I'm in there less than 3 times. That would be great too. And DH was even guilty of this one today which made 4 times and I about hopped out of the shower to start beating some a$$ when I found it to be him. (He stood there giggling like a school boy under his breath, I could of killed him for that one.) Or getting one without one side of the shower curtain being pulled open for the ump-teenth time b/c "Mommy, I want in derr wit youuuuu." I've even mastered the art of washing and conditioning my hair and shaving my armpits in 6 1/2min flat, b/c that is all the time I get before my little Monster starts to undress himself and hops in and joins me. Forget about shaving my legs, b/c ya know I get one partially shaved and not the other, and the the next shower I do the other while the first one doesn't get touched.... so basically I'm shaving a leg at a time... LOL! Life would be grand to have my serenity and sanity time back to myself again and two shaved legs at the same time. B/c Lord knows that's the only time I get away from the Monster. But not me, that would be too much to ask. But this is my crazy life and I love it. Even though I'm secretly going gray (not that that's a secret now) and my hair is falling out and I have high blood pressure b/c I never get to destress, you know I'm not changing it for anything in the world.... well unless it's privacy in the shower again.... LOL! Oh and this should so be a Not Me Monday post. Oh well though.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry Everyone!!

If you were here within the last 12-18hrs and saw that I had went private, it wasn't a permanent thing. I did it briefly to update my background, and it's just easier taking the site down to do so. Now that I know how to do all this fun stuff to my blog, I love to toy with it and change my look all the time. Guess it might be inconvenient to you my dreamers, but this is my vent station so I would like to have it the way I want it. Any how, I'm back up and in business now so no worries!! Happy reading and happy hump day.

Monday, January 18, 2010


There are plenty of times when Mommy stress just gets to me. I just focus on the good plan a night of unwinding and letting my hair down and carry on with the chaos. This past week has been one of those chaotic stress filled weeks that left me with a headache and extremely high blood pressure. The combination of AF arriving today and all four of *B*'s 2yr molars coming in at once probably aren't a good mixture either. However my little Monster has been pressing my buttons, and he knows just how to do so, and get away with it. This week though I've enforced corporal law into our home as I just couldn't handle the madness and terrible 2's anymore. I couldn't tolerate his first clogging up the bath tub with pieces of a sponge he ripped apart, then the toilet with a whole roll of toilet paper, and later the sink with a tooth brush and sock. (And no he will not be using the potty by himself anymore, and we've removed the old locking door knob we didn't have the key for with one that we do have the key for now.) His bad streak carried on with coloring on the wood frame of his bed, the kitchen table, and his desk and chair set with crayons. I can't forget where he stood in the middle of the family room and told me "Mommy I don't have to you're not my boss!" when I told him to help pick up the clutter of toys spread from his room to there. Then there is spilling a gallon of water on the kitchen floor while I took out the trash, spilling a can of pop that down the front of the counter that DH left when he went to work while *B* was supposed to be using the potty, and his throwing a yogurt on the floor and the seal busting to a nice strawberry mess b/c he didn't get his way to mention. And THOSE are just the chart toppers.

He's definitely mastered the art of the terrible 2's, but Mommy is finally one-upping him. When standing on the wall time outs no longer worked, we switched to room time outs where he would just play, and we found that didn't work either. So, (and not that I'm bragging about doing this b/c I feel horrible and it really isn't the answer) we started smacking his butt. At first he cried, but this past month he would just standing there and say "Me no cry no more." all pitifully and then slyly grin, and Lords knows I wanted to lash into him harder but I restrained. So, instead I started taking away his toys and pretending to throw them in the trash and put them outside for the trashman to take away. Break my heart and his..... this boy cries..... big crocodile tears..... and asks for the the trashman to bring said toy/s back for hours/days. We even took away this toy that is his most prized possession that he got for Christmas,

and didn't give it back for three. whole. days. I know we're mean parents, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere and this was it. Any how, he's doing better at listening now and helping out, although he's still helping out too much. He's trying to be too independent and doing/getting things on his own that he shouldn't be (such as juice from the fridge for his cup). But we are making progress. The only bad thing about this whole week is I didn't get to unwind from this week, b/c as it turns out I have some crappy friends who didn't care to want to include me in their activities and instead just hurt my feelings adding insult to the already shitty week I'd had with the high blood pressure and Monster drama. Oh well though, life goes on and things are looking up and I'll have another crappy event and I'll know that I can get through it without the need to let my hair down. Now if only we can move on from his "new" thing.... walking around holding his mouth saying "Me head ache." If only he knew... LOL!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twisted Relationships

I will never understand my Dad's relationship with my little brother's mom. They are the on again off again type of relationship that needs to be dead and buried. Recently after 4yrs. my little brother came waltzing back into our lives on Thanksgiving weekend after not being allowed to come around us b/c of my visitation getting revoked from my Dad due to his alcohol addiction. Any way, with this has come a whole slew of things and an open can of worms that I just don't care for. My Dad and this woman have always had a weird relationship. They met when she was 17. There is almost a 20yr age difference between them. I know age is just a number, but in this case when this woman is only 8yrs older than his oldest child it's awkward to say the least. So, any how, there relationship went from good to bad in a hurry. Dad's alcohol problems made him abusive after certain triggers on her part, and she was abusive to him just the same. This landed my Dad in prison on domestic violence charges three times, and yet he kept going back and she kept taking him back. (Just so my Dad doesn't look totally to blame in this post b/c he's not, she got assault charges on her 2 of the 3 times, but no jail time.)

Any way, so fast forward to 4yrs ago when they were on again.... things got out of control they got into an argument, he was drinking bad, and somewhere down the line a decision was made to end things for good. But she took it a step further by going into court and bringing up his past record of domestic violence in a custody battle of my little brother. The courts ruled on modified visitations for him with my little brother. Needless to say he didn't follow the courts orders got visitation revoked and ended up with a restraining order on him that isn't up until my little brother is almost 14.

Fast forward to now.... I got in contact with my little brother not my Dad, b/c I'm allowed to. My Dad wanted nothing to do with the whole situation so he didn't get in trouble and go to jail again. My brother then pushed and pushed to get into contact with Dad for Christmas. Dad let his walls down and allowed him. My little brother's mom brought him to my house on Christmas Eve. Here's where the trouble is though.... in the 4yrs that they weren't together she got with another man, married him, and then found out he had a prior conviction and jail time for child molestation. So her mom went and petitioned the courts for custody of my little brother so that nothing would happen to him, and now his grandma has custody and she's technically the one with the restraining order against my Dad on my little brother not his mom. (Hopefully you're following this..LOL.) So, she brings him around for Christmas Eve, then again this past weekend never telling her mom the truth on where my little brother really is. When he leaves to go home this past Friday, my little brother wanted to spend the night, but she wouldn't allow him b/c she didn't know how she would explain it they get into it and he takes off. He winds up back here and she lets him stay the entire weekend here.

Now since the weekend she's been calling my Dad and showing up unexpectedly (who's in a relationship with someone else mind you that I can't stand, but that would be a whole other post) and trying to weasel her way in his life again. I'm hoping my Dad is smart enough to not fall for her crap this time, b/c if he's not I'll be the one left to pick up the pieces when it all falls apart like I always am. And, I just don't want to do it this time. I love our new house, and the fact that it's right nest door to my Dad, but I hate knowing who's coming and going over there and what's going on. I just hope and pray that in the long run he doesn't end up in jail if the grandma finds out about all this, b/c that is what will happen for breaking the restraining order, but at the same time my little brother's mom I think revoked it by bringing him here. I'm just not sure on that whole legal process, but this doesn't sit well with me. I love my little brother, but sometimes I wish way back when he would of never been born, b/c then crazy lady wouldn't still be making her way into our lives. Pray this ends well Dreamers, b/c I have a bad feeling.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wish It Wasn't This Fast

Everyday this adorable little boy is growing and it makes my heart swell, yet saddens me all at the same time. Time speeds by way to fast when you're a parent and unless you have the luxury of capturing all those special moments on camera or film you have to make the most of them and try to savor the time that you have as they are little. I know this as *B* is growing it seems leaps and bound and in super sonic speed time. Here's what's been going on with him that I can briefly tell you.... He's definitely a toddler (embracing the terrible 2's full on) and ALL boy. We have conversations and even arguments as he's 2 going on 20. I love every little thing about him and the fact that I was chosen to be HIS mother. I wish I were better here at keeping track of everything thing he does and all the changes that he goes through, but it's just not feasible. I would rather savor every moment and treasure those times than spend them writing about it on here. How ever I can document a few things, such as he has no longer fallen off the growth chart, he's now in the 75th percentile for his height at 38.5in and in the 45th percentile for his weight at 29.2lbs. He's in a 2T on most all clothing, but I'm afraid before winter's end he'll be needing a 3T for pants, he's just so dang tall. He's still yet to get in his 2nd year molars, but I can see the slits and tooth buds directly under the gums. He hasn't been sleeping the entire night in his bed since a week after his 2nd birthday, and while I don't complain when DH isn't here at night b/c of work it's beginning to become a hassle when he is here. There isn't enough room for all of us and we don't get good sleep thus making us all cranky the following day. He is getting better at it with not waking until around 5am to come to our room to snuggle in bed, so we're making progress and we'll get there. He's been doing great with potty training. I can't tell you the last time that he pooped in his pull-up or underwear it's been so long. We still have our accidents peeing during the day, and he was getting to where he didn't want to go on the potty at all b/c we were making him sit to do it. Today for the first time he peed every time no accidents standing up with decent aim and I'm sooooo proud!!! I love this little boy more than life itself. He astounds me at his changes as he grows. He's my snuggle bug and my soft hearted little man, and I'm beyond grateful he's mine.