Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not A Completely Wordless Wednesday- Welcome ICLW!!

Welcome IComLeavWe'ers!! If you still have no clue what ICLW is, and would like to know click HERE for details and join in on the fun next month. We'd love to have you!!

Any way, if you're here you've stumbled across my little piece of heaven in the blogosphere. Now, for the brief intro on me and my family... My name is Catrisha. I'm 26yrs young (I'll be 27 before the next ICLW however). I'm married to my usually wonderful (I only say this, b/c we've been going through some rough spots lately) DH, C*ody. We have one little boy who is 3yrs young named B*rennen, but I often refer to him as "*B*" or "The Monster" around these parts. We also raised DH's little sister from age 14 on, and unfortunately as she's about to be 22, we're yet again raising her... but that's a rant to come at a later date. We are currently sort of TTC#2, but I'm not in the right frame of mind to fully throw caution to the wind since our m/c back in April and go full force at it. So, if it happens it happens... and if it doesn't well then I'll be back on the infertility bandwagon soon enough. Speaking of infertility, the problem that we know of is completely on me. I have PCOS with IR and hypothyroidism. Before we miraculously conceived our son we had tried for almost 6yrs with a whole slew of treatments toward the end of that time. Alot of that detailed journey can be found HERE and ends up running concurrent with this blog at a certain point. For the semi-short-winded version of our TTC journey, you can check out the tab above that say "My TTC Journey."

Now I'm for a quick ABC's of me to get to know some fun facts on me.

A- Aunt: I'm an Auntie to 14 nieces and/or nephews... including my newest niece born on July 6th.

B- Bold: I'm a very bold person whom always speaks her mind.

C- Cats: My favorite animal, and I only have one.

D- Dogs: I love dogs too, but don't currently have any.

E- Eggs: Make me sick to my stomach unless they're in the food I'm eating then I'm not bothered.

F- Fall: Fall is my favorite season of the year.

G- God: I have a hard time believeing in God, I'll admit it. With all the struggles and obstacles I've endured in my life it's hard to believe in a greater being as I don't think so much bad can happen to those that are good... even though it does.

H- Home: We're buying our first home, but if we ever add to our family it'll be too small.

I- Ice Cream: I love me some ice cream, but it's never loved me back... LOL! My favorite flavor is Spumoni.

J- Junior: When DH and I found out that we were having a boy, I wanted him to be a Jr. DH vetoed it and said one of him is enough... LOL!

K- Kale: I've tried kale and I have to admit I love it! With some sea salt, EVOO, and vinegar it's super yummy.

L- Lobster: I've never in my life ate lobster. I ordered one, one time at Red Lobster but couldn't eat it b/c I knew what it looked like alive in the tank.

M- Monster: We actually do call *B* this nickname. When he was a baby he had some chubby cheeks and we started calling him "Cheeky Monster," but now it's just Monster. Or Mohawk Boy right now... check out the last post with cute pics about that.

N- Nightowl: I love to stay up late. At night it's so peaceful, and it's when I get the most stuff done. I also get up early too, and one day I'm told it will catch up to me.

O- Orchids: Pink and white orchids are one of my favorite flowers.

P- Pink: Pink is my favorite color.

Q- Quilt: I have an infant quilt that was made for me when I was a baby, and I used it for *B* when he was a baby, and it's now stored in a hope chest.

R- Raspberry: I can't stand the scent of raspberries. I think it's a putrid smell. But I do like the taste of raspberries.

S- Steel Magnolias: This is my all time favorite movie!!

T- Tater: My nickname from my FIL before he passed away was "Tater."

U- Up: My son loves the movie Up, and I've probably seen it 500 times or more since the first time I seen it.

V- Volleyball: I played volleyball in high school.

W- Watermelon: My kitchen is done in a watermelon theme. Most do it in apples or mixed fruits, but mine is completely watermelons.

X- X-rays: I've had too many bone x-rays to count. I've had alot of broken bones, strained and/or sprained body parts.

Y- Yams: Candied yams are my favorite food (aside from the main dish) during the holidays.

Z- Zest: I can't use this type of soap, b/c it breaks me out.

So, there you have it the ABC's of me. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me, and I can't wait to get to know all of you. Happy ICLW!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mohawk Boy

I abosolutely love reading Mckmama's blog. *B* loves looking at the pics of her MSC, and sometimes he even wants me to read to him the blog entries which I love doing. Any way, after this weekend's Stream of Consciousness post that she showed beautiful pics of Nuggey with his mohawk and red tips... *B* wanted his done.
Before the mohawk

I didn't go all out and color his hair, but we did do this:

After: The Mohawk Boy

Side shot of the mohawk
I think he looks adorable!!! (But I'm biased as he's my child... LOL!) What do ya'll think???

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- A Trip To Amish Country Style

This past weekend we took a trip to Hol*mes Coun*ty, Ohio. We went to a wonderful farm that had a petting farm (I'll call it a farm b/c there weren't exotic animals there they called it a zoo, but you call it what you want). We took a horse and buggy ride, saw goats on a roof top, rode horses, pet and fed animals, ate Amish home cooking, went to a couple flea markets and vendor shops, and went on a covered wagon ride. It was an incredibly amazing time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*B*'s Birthday Party

Of course in true Catrisha fashion... better late than never... LOL!

*B*'s birthday is on July 1st, but we didn't have his party until July 3rd since that was on the weekend. It was a nice day. Alot of people that was supposed to be here didn't show, but still we had a good time. My little man scored a good bit of To*y St*ory 3 toys (mainly Woody dolls as he's obsessed with the cowboy these days), as well as other out in the dirt toys, and a big boy bike. The kids played games and won prizes. I loaded the kids up on candy, and everyone else mingled. It was nice.

Oh, and remember the entry I posted about making THIS cake, well it turned out to be an historic epic fail in the art of cake making for me. The cake toppled over and fell apart not once, but twice when I was making it on two separate occasions. So, I scrambled around on the Friday before his party before noon to make a cake for him that looked like Spo*ngeb*ob, that way if it didn't turn out I still had plenty of time to order one. This is what we came up with and if I must say so myself... I did a pretty damned good job.

For me this was an easy peasy birthday that will go down in the baby book as a Moment in Time!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Can You Say Stressed Out???

So can I!! This is exactly how I feel. Long story VERY short for right now... H*attie is back living with us, and the vacation we were supposed to be on is more like me needing to go to the psychward to get away from the chaos for vacation, b/c we're not on vacation at all now. I'll post an update on everything later.