Monday, June 23, 2008

Might As Well Be a Chicken With My Head Cut Off

I'm so insanely busy. *B*'s first birthday party is only 5 short days away (actual birthday is July 1st), and I'm feeling so overwhelmed. Of course we have the location reserved, we have the theme, we have the party decor, I've already mailed the invites, and we have the cakes (one for party guests the other for him to smash) ordered. So, why do I feel overwhelmed?? The day of the event I've planned for sloppy joes and shredded chicken sandwiches and chips , so I have to make that the night before. Plus, there is still the decorating involved on the day. Not to mention I still have to figure out what types of games I want the children (and possibly adults) to play, and I want to do take home goodie bags, that I still need to get stuff for and put together. I know most of this doesn't really need to bother me until later in the week, but I'm actually losing sleep over it. I just want his first birthday party to be perfect (or as perfect as it can be seeing as how he's only going to be 1). On top of all this I'm still dealing with kidney pain. I've yet to pass a stone, and I'm in more pain now than I was a week ago when I went to the ER.

Not to mention this cute little girl, Skyy, (below) is the newest addition to our family, and I have the task of house breaking her. She's been doing really well with that and no accidents for a week, now if I could just get her to stop chewing on EVERYTHING and being rowdy with my other much older dog I might be a bit less stressed. Speaking of her and her rowdiness the other day the two dogs were rough housing and the older one had had enough and nailed the pup, to which she jumped back and landed in my lap breaking my glasses. One more thing to stress me out. So, I've been frantically calling eye glasses places today trying to see what my options are in fixing them, since our insurance won't cover a new pair until the first of the year. I. AM. STRESSED.
I just need a down day, but this week is busy, busy, busy. We have a vet appt. My sister is having her baby on Wed. I have to make a trip to an eye Dr.'s office sometime. I have to pick up H*attie and take her to her OB/GYN (b/c apparently she's pregnant again, she lost the last baby at 19wks). I have to make the 45min trip to S*am's C*lub sometime to get the food for *B*'s party. I'm not sure where I'll find my down day, it probably won't be until next week when DH is on vacation, but I know I need one, b/c all these activities on top of VERY SORE kidneys is not fun at all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kidney Stones = PAIN!!!

I have 3 kidney stones, and I feel as if I've been ran over by a M*ack truck. I've never had kidney stones ever in my life before. I almost had to be admitted into the hospital last night, b/c of them. The Dr. in the ER said that if they were a tenth of a millimeter larger I would require surgery for their removal. Thank God I didn't need surgery though. I'm on some medicine that makes my urine orange and another to break up the stones and an anti-biotic for infection. I have to catch all my urine in a hat to strain it to see for stones, and if I don't pass any before my meds are done then I may need surgery. I'm so scared. I've had plenty of surgeries before, but it's different now. I have *B* now, and I worry. My best-friend in the whole world died from having surgery done. Not for the same reason, but still she died. Before I would of never cared...I mean sure I'm scared to die, who isn't?? It's just now I'm a mother and I have my baby to worry about. I see how my godson is being brought up by his father since the passing of his mom (my BFF), and I worry about *B* not being brought up like I would want him to be brought up if something were to happen to me. I don't know I guess I'm just scared and jumping to unnecessarily morbid conclusions. I guess plan for the best prepare for the worst type of thing. I just pray these stones pass on their own.