Friday, October 31, 2008


or as *B* says "Tick-Errrrrrrr......." no treats for him I suppose..LOL. Any way, I tried for 2wks now to get him to say "Trick-or-Treat" and it still comes out as above. He's so dang cute saying it though. So, we took him trick-or-treating tonite, and we went in one section of town that was at one time and he walked just fine. When we took him for the later time he wouldn't walk, so we ended up strapping him in his stroller and pushing him house to house. He was so stinkin' cute though, but never did was "Tick-Errrrrrr..." after we had worked on it for so long. Without further ado though, here is pics of him in his little pumpkin costume:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Fun

We meandered our way to the pumpkin patch today FINALLY. It was crisp outside but still nice during the day. Definitely in need of a sweatshirt come sunset though. *B* was all over the patch yelling "ball". He thought every bright orange round gourd on the ground was a ball. It was cute to watch him actually pick his first pumpkin. He was very fascinated by messing with the stink bugs on the rotting pumpkins though and picking up rocks to throw. It was definitely a memorable experience.
After we got home H*attie and J*ordan came to visit. I took some cute pics of them together while *B* played in the leaves and with his toys outside. She really loved being the center of attention, and I loved being able to make that moment her's for her.
To finish up the day we let *B* clean out his pumpkin to be carved. It was HILARIOUS to say the least. My baby kept wanting to eat the guts of the pumpkin and got some in his mouth a couple of times to spit it back out again. He kept calling it "Nana" (banana) which is his favorite fruit. Oh and the seeds....that was fun. Everyone one of them he would take to DH and say "Dada No Nana!" LOL! Moments like these I treasure for they melt my heart.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 44 and...

I'm ready to throw in the towel. I thought for sure that we would nail ovulation this past month and I would be announcing a BFP. My hoo-haw hurts, AF (well spot) is here, and I got a BFN over the weekend. I have no clue how long AF will be here and BD-ing during that time just doesn't appeal to me, so we (actually I) would have to result to other forms to keeps this deal going. We've kind of made it a bet now, b/c I've been complaining. DH doesn't think I will make it to day 100, which right now I'm not so sure either, but I'm determined to conceive #2 and while I'm working at that he's lost sight of it. As an end result if I make to the 100 day mark DH is arranging to take me away for a weekend without *B* for a mini-vacay. There's this cozy little B&B that we saw in the country and I really want to spend it there. So, I'm almost half way there I might as well suck it up and keep on with it. After day 50 it's all down hill from there right??? And who knows I still might get that BFP since he doesn't think we're techinically "trying" could we not be???? Ummmm.....duh!!!! LOL...MEN!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Mini Heart Attacks of Motherhood

I'm telling you *B* is and his antics are going to be the death of me yet. Just today was one for the record/memory/baby books. I was in the Dollar Store checking out all their faux fall flowers. I was in a hurry b/c I had to get back to the pet groomer to get my dog. So, instead of getting the shopping cart cover and putting it on like I normally do I just wiped it down with anti-bacterial wipes and put *B* in. So, I walk back to their Halloween/Fall decor and I am looking vigorously. I find some flowers on the bottom shelf in a box that I want. So, I bend down to get them. *B* sticks his arm between the yellow bar handle that you hold onto to push the cart and the metal bar that starts the top of the child seat basket area. He's STUCK, FAST!!!! He whimpers for a second and I rush to the checkout and yell at the cashier to get some soap "RIGHT NOW!!" She takes her time it seemed like, but instead brings vegetable oil. It was smart thinking on her behalf, b/c soap needs water to lather up to be slippery; but she was clumsy with it. She poured it all on his head it ran into his face and eyes and all over his shirt causing him to freak out and jerk on his poor little arm. We couldn't get it dislodged. We had to call 9-1-1. Within 3min of the call an ambulance, a cop, and a fire rescue truck were all at the store. They had to take these huge bolt cutter things and cut the handle of the cart and pry it back to get his arm released. He. screamed. thee. entire. time. Then my poor little man had to have his eyes flushed out by the EMTs b/c of the vegetable oil in them. Needless to say his elbow is swollen and bruised, but nothing is broken. I think he's learned his lesson on sticking his arm in tight spots (or at least I hope he has), and I've come to the realization that I need to not be in a hurry and just take the extra time to ensure for his safety a bit more and not cut corners.

Lesson Learned!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are You Serious???

Being the person that raised H*attie after the death of her's and DH's parents, and knowing nobody else is going to do it I offered to throw her a baby shower. I told ehr to get a list of names and addresses together of people that she wanted to invite to the babyshower. I was thinking close friends and relatives. I think she's wanting to invite everybody she's ever known. She has a list of 121 people... name and addresses included. OMGosh!!! Is she serious??? I about fell over dead. I know not everyone is going to show up and probably only 1/8 of that list at most, but dang!!! I planned on hand making all the cards to send out, guess I better scratch that idea. I only have a short amount of time to get this all put together for her so I'll be computer printing the invites now it looks like.

For an update on how she's doing: She's been out of the hospital for about 3wks now. They have the infection at bay (knock on wood I don't want to jinx the poor girl). She's been going every other day for NSTs and bloodwork. She feels like a pin cushion. At her last visit that her cervix was checked at (I believe was Friday she said) the Dr told her she had lots of change to her cervix and she was a stretchy 2cm dialated. She's been having pretty regular contractions for weeks now. She is FINALLY past viability, but everyday counts better and better at this point.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 of 100

For those of you who are curious, we're still at it. It's been a challenge with this past month's weather drama and the AF over-kill, but one of us is still getting a big "O" once a day. I'm sure you can guess who was on the losing end of the stick on this arrangement for awhile....BLAH!! Any way, we're not missing a day now so I'm hopeful if I ovulate we'll catch it. But I dont' want to jinx myself either. Onto day 31........ I'll keep you posted.