Friday, September 26, 2008

So Much To Write About So Little Time

First of all, on Sept.14th Hurricane Ike blew threw here, literally. No thinder or lightening and little rain, just 60-75mph wind gusts. We were at a family get-together and were spared any real harm, but our home wasn't. We came home to find part of this tree threw our roof. I bawled. We weren't injured but I thank God that we weren't here, b/c had we been I may not have my baby right now. At the time my neighbors said the tree fell would of been his bedtime. The tree went threw busting our computer desk and desktop computer and breaking *B*'s crib and puncturing his mattress. We were without power for I think it was 4days. The rebuild has begun. It's a long process, but we'll get there.

Plus my sister was has been visiting from KY. She just went home this past Monday. I've been spending time with her and soaking up as much time with my nieces as I can. This could be the last time she'll be back in OH for awhile. I'm going to miss her, heck I already do.

The only other thing on the agenda is the county fair is in town for the next week. We're hoping that the rain that the east coast is getting pounded by stays away from here and that roof projects will resume. While the pounding and sawing and whatever else is going on we'll be hanging out there. I'm excited. This year *B* is old enough to enjoy it more than last year. Hopefully sunny skies will prevail and we'll get to have a good time. Now I'm off to chase the Monster. Sorry to worry those that have been checking in on me, I have been busy as you can tell and had ALOT going on. I didn't mean to worry you!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AF is Toying with Me (A TMI post)

Well, I was due for her on the on 9/8/08, but I only got pinkish discharge on the TP. Then there was nothing the next day, so I tested, BFN...BLAH!! 9/10/08-9/12/08 was brown discharge nothing heavy and only on the TP. Finally on 9/13/08 she arrived in full force with all her relatives. She was here until 9/19/08 full force then I went back to brown spotting until 9/22/08. She's gone now, but I know she was here to long and I'm still wondering what it was all about. I just pray this is the cycle since we're trying but without treatments that will produce our next miracle. Fingers crossed and babydust needed!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Boy to BIG Boy...Snip, Snip

Well today *B* went and got his first haircut. He looks like such a little man now. Oh boy, and does he look like his Daddy more than ever. He did so good. He sat very still, and even cheesed at himself in the mirror in front of him a couple of times. It was too cute too. There was this little girl that came in at the end of his cut, and he kept his eye on her. Then while we were waiting on my sister and my neice to get their hair done he kept flirting with that little girl. He also kept running his fingers threw his hair like he was hot stuff too. I'm telling you this little boy is going to break ALOT of hearts when he gets older. But, on days like today when I can see how fast he's growing up it really, REALLY makes me miss all those little baby moments.

BTW~ For those that I told I would post his video of his haircut, the limit is 100MB for blogger and P*hotobucket in length, and the video is 213MB, so I'm checking out different video hosting sites to see what I can come up with so you all can see the clip. So, check back for updates on what I find out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good News, Bad News, & Heart Wrenching Emotions

I haven't really had the time to write about this with summer coming to an end and DH taking on home improvement projects and me supervising him so know they get completed in a timely fashion. I'm an aunt yet again. My step-brother's fiancee had her little girl at the end of July. She was a BIG girl, too...9lbs 8oz. Introducing Madison Riley:

The second bit of good news is that my step-sister is having a girl. She's due in mid-January 2009. So, she'll have a boy and now a girl too. CONGRATS to both of them.
Thirdly, comes good news with bad news. Our dear sweetie Hattie found out she is having a BOY!!! Yes, one BOY!!! Good news. The bad news....the baby that was behind in size and didn't have a very strong heartbeat from the beginning and the one that they found a hole in it's heart died in-utero at 13wks gestation. So, no more twins for her, but now she is looking at other risks like infection and what not b/c the baby that no longer has a heartbeat can't be removed while she's still carrying the other one, and of course with it being that far along in developement can't dissolve either. She is a little beyond the half way mark, and the Dr's want her to make it until at least 24wks, which is viability for any baby. After that if complications arise they will take the healthy one and then remove the other as well. Anything beyond 24wks is just icing on the cake. She is on modified bedrest, as her cervix is showing change already, and she was in the hospital after fighting out that the one baby had passed for close monitering. So, if you can spare some prayers she really needs them as does her little boy that is still growing and thriving inside her. Her heart is in knots as would any mother's at this point with worry and grief. However on the bright side, I'm VERY excited for her and this new life. Now, I just pray that God holds hope in heat for a miracle for the two of them. So, I say CONGRATS, GOOD LUCK, and many prayers for her too.

BTW~ Hattie and my step-sister's (step-sis being farther along) EDD's are only 10 days apart, and look at the difference in size. The pic of Hattie was this past Thurs, and the pic of step-sis was the Sat. before that.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spice in the Bedroom

So after reading ES's blog and posting the last entry about DH and my bedroom antics I challenged him to the 100 days of sex challenge. Today was day #1 and so far so good. We are following suit in her rules by at least one of us has to orgasm a day. I know that by the end of this 100 day challenge (Dec. 9th to be exact) my hoo-haw is going to probably fall off, but that is the price I'm going to have to pay to get a little around here. Plus it increases our TTC efforts, b/c I know there will not be a day missed (well minus AF days and then I guess he'll benefit more from this challenge). Of course not much time for DH's boys to replenish each day, but whatever. I'm in a horny phase and if this is what is going to fix it I'm fine with that. I'll keep you posted on who forfeit the challenge first or if we both make it until the end.