Friday, September 26, 2008

So Much To Write About So Little Time

First of all, on Sept.14th Hurricane Ike blew threw here, literally. No thinder or lightening and little rain, just 60-75mph wind gusts. We were at a family get-together and were spared any real harm, but our home wasn't. We came home to find part of this tree threw our roof. I bawled. We weren't injured but I thank God that we weren't here, b/c had we been I may not have my baby right now. At the time my neighbors said the tree fell would of been his bedtime. The tree went threw busting our computer desk and desktop computer and breaking *B*'s crib and puncturing his mattress. We were without power for I think it was 4days. The rebuild has begun. It's a long process, but we'll get there.

Plus my sister was has been visiting from KY. She just went home this past Monday. I've been spending time with her and soaking up as much time with my nieces as I can. This could be the last time she'll be back in OH for awhile. I'm going to miss her, heck I already do.

The only other thing on the agenda is the county fair is in town for the next week. We're hoping that the rain that the east coast is getting pounded by stays away from here and that roof projects will resume. While the pounding and sawing and whatever else is going on we'll be hanging out there. I'm excited. This year *B* is old enough to enjoy it more than last year. Hopefully sunny skies will prevail and we'll get to have a good time. Now I'm off to chase the Monster. Sorry to worry those that have been checking in on me, I have been busy as you can tell and had ALOT going on. I didn't mean to worry you!!

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