Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Occured To Me...

today that I needed to make a post. Form last one to this one *B* and I both got better, unfortunately *B* got sick again this week. I'm a complete germaphobe so this is eerie to me. Any way, he has an inner ear infection and strep throat. ARGH! It pretty much sums up that trick-or-treat which him and I have both been looking forward to b/c he looks so damned cute in his T-Rex outfit is in the bag and he won't be going. I'm pretty sure that after the shot in his hip last night he's not contagious 24hrs out, but I'm not taking my chances on him getting worse with our weather going from warm and sunny to cold and rainy in the blink of an eye. So, any way, that's what's going on with him other than him being his terrible Monster self and well being almost completely potty trained, and all of a sudden being afraid of the dark and sleeping in our bed. Otherwise there could be worse issues.

It also occured to me today that I need to spruce up the blog. I had had the old background for far too long and since I (big puffy heart) fall, I figured I do something like that and try to cling on to it while it quickly fades into winter around here. Thanks chicky for showing me the background I love it. And just b/c I didn't want totally steal what you already had I tweaked the colors and fonts and what not. What can I say we've always said we're sisters from other mothers so it's only natural we would like the same thing. LOL.

And... it occurred to me today that here it is the 28th of the month and I'm yet to see AF. So, I when I filled *B*'s prescription today at the pharmacy I bought a test and had to torture myself even though I knew the answer. But you see I had hope b/c I had been regular in AF even when I wasn't doing teatments, I have been moody and very teary eyed here and there for no reason, and I have an increase in appetite and I thought that could be b/c of dieting guess it's is really....b/c no chance. My hope with smashed with the BIGGEST FATTEST NEGATIVE ever. Boo! Here's to hoping I guess. I'm still trying to lose weight to see if that helps jump start something "right" in my ovarian system. Who knows I'm ye of little faith.

So, that about wraps things up around here for this update. The holidays are soon approaching and I'm dreading it. Family drama has already began amongst the extended family and I want to leave the country. And, well I need to get my butt in gear with Christmas shopping so I can check that stresser off my ever growing list. Blessed be to all, and I hope that you're having a wonderful fall!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Moms Aren't Allowed To Get Sick

Unfortunately *B* and me are both sick. *B* started in with his last Tues., and I started with mine this past Thurs. Any way, I was so scared it was the stupid H1N1, thank goodness it's not. I hate this illness, and even more so b/c *B* and I are both allergic to the regular flu vaccine and have been advised not to get the H1N1 vaccine b/c it's a live virus with an even potentially higher medical risk of an allergic reaction. I feel like we're sitting ducks to this flu or any flu for that matter. (Let me step off my irrational soap box.) Any way, we both have upper respiratory infections. I'm feeling somewhat better today and I think *B* is too since we started antibiotics, but he's still whinny and Mommy is nerve-racked. Thankfully as I type this he's napping (something I feel like I could do too, but I need time to do other things without him being a cling-on like shower or put my house in order for instance, and well Any way, while we've been sick and DH has been taking care of us my house has went to hell in a hand basket. I came out of my fog this morning to realize my double sink was over flowing with dishes onto the counter, laundry is stacked up in the hamper, on the hamper and around the hamper (how does this happen in 4 days???), the trash is over flowing, there are toys scattered about everywhere, as well as pillows and blankets, and my microwave now blows green sparks and pops at you. NIIICCCEEE!!!!! I'm telling you the woman that makes the household run smoothly CAN. NOT. GET. SICK!!! It's just not allowed b/c when it happens everything falls apart.

So, even though I'm only feeling about 70% of the normal I've been on a re-establishing my house mission today. Hey, and I'm one-upping myself by actually making something for dinner that doesn't come out of a can or box or take-out as DH and *B* somewhat have been eating for 4days. LOL! And sometime (not today b/c I'm not about spreading my illness to others) I have to make a trip to Wally World aka W*al-M*art to get some groceries and a new microwave. What fun..... *sigh*.

But on a positive note to all this, while I was sick I won my blogging buddy Jill's Christmas Giveaway that I made mention of in my last post. I'm excited to start blarring in the Christmas music to get me in the holiday mood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Christmas Giveaway

In case you don't frequent her blog. I wanted to mention an amazingly inspirational woman in bloggerland's Christmas giveaway. Jill is ringing in the season early with Christmas music and many other giveaways to follow. So please follow the link below her giveaway picture for your chance to enter.

The Averitt Fam Blog

Monday, October 5, 2009

Double Blogging

I committed myself to getting fit this morning. I've been contemplating doing something about my obesity for awhile. I do eat right, I just need to be eating better than right and doing more. So, this morning I started researching different weight-loss blogs and websites as well as diet and exercise blogs and sites and healthy recipe sites. I've complied a list in my bookmarks of different motivational places and printed off a couple dozen recipes. Plus, as I mentioned in my last post about thinking about starting a new blog for this journey..... I have!! The link is below so please check it out if you have time as I'll be blogging there everyday until the progress gets better and noticeable. Don't be alarmed though I'll still be here to ramble on about everyday things, I just didn't want this blog to go from mothering, to infertility, to dieting, and nothing else as I've noticed I've been inching towards that is why I started the new blog.

Baby Steps To Weight Loss