Friday, March 27, 2009

Potty Training Mommy

This morning we started potty training *B*. For weeks now he's been showing signs that it was time, but I wanted to be completely sure. When he would pee in his diaper he would tell us he was "peed" and the same for "pooped" and bring us a diaper or wipes. Also, he was to the point of stripping his lower half of clothing off himself if you made him wait for even a minute after he made you aware of his diaper issue. So, at a few days shy of 21mths old potty training has began. Of course every family has their own technique and I don't want to come off as a potty training Nazi mother, but so far so good at almost 4pm. I've researched some different techniques and since his love of being nude rules we decided to go with the 3 day technique which is working nicely. He loves to be half nakey. LOL. I've added somethings to it to make it more fun for him even though they suggested not doing it...but it's working for us and adds that extra incentive he needs to still keep it fun. Last night I made this cute little sticker potty chart:And I filled up this jar with "num-nums" for doing it correctly. One piece for pee in the potty, and two pieces for poo in the potty.
We also put this potty chair in the bathroom to begin with but it was such a run for it this morning that the first accident went the entire length of the trailor. *Sigh* So, we've moved it to the family room for quicker access for now and plan to buy another chair for the bathroom tonite or tomorrow.
Right now the current status is 2 pees and 2 poops in the potty and 1 accident. Woo-hoo!!! He's soooo excited about this. I'm so proud of him, yet a little sad b/c as this is accomplished another part of the baby phase in my baby fades away. I'll keep you posted on how he does. Oh and I'll definitely have to capture the "Happy Feet" dance he does just like the movie after each correct potty. It's too cute.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


For my records the hag arrived late Sunday nite/early Monday morning after being absent for 2months on her own which is a huge accomplishment for my body.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let Me Off This Ride!!!'s like some cruel awful trick that was thrust upon my body stumping myself, my Dr.'s, and everyone I talk about it with. Not to mention the I once read this poem that it was like a roller-coaster ride that you never know when it will end. How I agree. So, "LET ME OFF ALREADY!!!" I'm ready to be done with all the crap that my th*yroid, P*COS, and any other body part messing up my reproductive system is causing me. My body is doing weird things again, but that's not something unusual to me or the many Dr's that put up with it's drama. AF has been absent since mid-January when last induced. I've been having right sided pain. So, I've been to Dr. after Dr. trying to get what was believed to be kidney problems intact only to find out it's a problem to deal with my reproductive system. Oh the joy...not! After seeing three Dr's they've all come to the conclusion that it's ovarian related my pain. The one Dr. even saw a mass on one of the many u/s I've had in that area. So, just when we were ready to jump back into treatments head first *H* landed on our doorstep. Now the courts made their decision and we're ready to get back to life in baby-making and now this. I'm so not a fan, have I mentioned that?!?! Any way, the course of treatment being sought is probably another laparoscopy in my immediate future. My OB/GYN recommended BCPs but I don't want to go that route. So, slice and dice me it is I guess.

I just want to get down to baby-making again....medicated or unmedicated we're ready for #2. We've been trying it au natural for awhile now, so I'm ready for that leap of faith in fertility aide. I just pray this time something will happen without heartache. I'll keep you all posted on what lies ahead. I have another appt. end of the month. Woo-hoo (hence the sarcasm.)!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In A Funk

I feel like I'm in a rut in life. I have ambitions and things I forsee to my future, but right now as I type I'm in a rut. For once things seem meaningless in life and I'm just drudging along kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was so crazy busy with two kids, only having one now seems mundane. I mean I love *B* with all my heart and each day is something new....but exciting...not so much. Things are repetitive. I like being in a groove, b/c I know what to expect next, but at the same time I long for something thrilling and I lack excitement and flare. Back when I was a teenager times like these would surely wind me up grounded. As an adult these same times have gotten me into chaos as well. It's like I need a focal point to fix my attention on so that I don't run a muck. Maybe it's cabin fever...I mean getting a taste of spring/summer this past week now back to the frigid cold is killer for one's spirits, but I don't think that's it. I need adventure. I crave it and I thrive on it. I need a spark to ignite my fire. I'm truely a passionate compelling person, but right now I feel dull and mono-tone. It's sad when one's greatest accomplishments and biggest screw-ups in life are complied into one list and most times are one and the same; and yet I find myself in a rut trying to add to that list.

So, maybe something will change. Maybe I'll get to add a new chapter to my story of life. Who knows, but for now I'm going to try not to search for something that will throw off my balancing act in life. Try to be happy with what is going on and enjoy every monent of it, b/c whoe knows if I'll get to do it again?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In The Blink of An Eye...

everything changes. I went from mothering two precious little boys back to mothering just one yesterday. My heart aches.

I'm so very sad to the point of being almost numb. DH hasn't said much about the situation. I know he's sad I can sense it, but at the same time to me he acts almost relieved. *B* is weathering well too. Before when we would keep *H* for a few days and they would take him back he would search the house and call out for "Baby." Last night and this morning there has been none of that. It's like he knows. For being 20months old, he's so smart and mature. I've been crying alot, and he'll wipe away my tears pat my shoulder and say "Mom-MEEEE be O-tay." Oh how I wish and could know that that were true.

Oh and ALL of our fish died over the weekend too. Not just the babies or just an adult or two, but ALL of them. Break my heart again, b/c *B* cried over that one. "Mom-MEEEE I non't-know eer's my shish?" (Mommy I don't know where's my fish?)