Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In The Blink of An Eye...

everything changes. I went from mothering two precious little boys back to mothering just one yesterday. My heart aches.

I'm so very sad to the point of being almost numb. DH hasn't said much about the situation. I know he's sad I can sense it, but at the same time to me he acts almost relieved. *B* is weathering well too. Before when we would keep *H* for a few days and they would take him back he would search the house and call out for "Baby." Last night and this morning there has been none of that. It's like he knows. For being 20months old, he's so smart and mature. I've been crying alot, and he'll wipe away my tears pat my shoulder and say "Mom-MEEEE be O-tay." Oh how I wish and could know that that were true.

Oh and ALL of our fish died over the weekend too. Not just the babies or just an adult or two, but ALL of them. Break my heart again, b/c *B* cried over that one. "Mom-MEEEE I non't-know eer's my shish?" (Mommy I don't know where's my fish?)


  1. Catrisha. I am sorry you had to go to court and hand over the baby. Just know that you are a wonderful Aunt and did everything you could for Hunter and his well being. There really is nothing more you could have done. I am sure that childrens services will be following this case closely so they will know if the baby is not well.
    I hope you feel better. I know bladder issues are the worst. I still fight my infections. They are no fun.
    Call me if you want to chat.

  2. im sorry you are going through all this im surprised they made you give H back to the dad im am so sorry i am always here for you we been though so much together as friends

  3. I'm so sorry Catrisha. I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. I will be praying for Hunter's well being.

  4. I'm so sorry. I know you love that little guy with all your heart.


  5. Hey. I started my own blog on here but wanted to know how you customized your own layout. Where did you find the layout also????

  6. I erased what was in the HTML section of the blog and replaced it with a link that I wanted and it would not load it. It said there was a problem. I think I am doing it right. It is just like myspace right?


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