Monday, June 29, 2009

Ovulation Has Occured

WOOT!! I was starting to get depressed thinking these little follies were never going to make a difference in this cycle, that it was all going to be for nothing. I've been using OPKs everyday, and low and behold yesterday I had two BEAUTIFUL DARK lines. Today there was just one. So, I'm due for testing in 14days, and a beta on July 13th (more than 14days which I may request one sooner if I see a BFP on an HPT) if no AF. (That old hag had better not be showing her face around here for 9months....LOL fingers crossed.) Any way, so that is how things this cycle have shaped up. Fingers crossed all the BDing we've been doing has worked. Heck, I think we might just get in one more for good measure tonite. Least I get some fun out of this hormonal hell. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cycle Update

Here I am CD14. My E2 level is still lower than it should be at this point. I have 2 dominant follicles, one on each ovary. They were measuring 15mm, and now only 2 days later from the first u/s they are just measuring 16mm. Not what they were expected to have been measuring at this point. I've done 4 shots, 3 at 150iu and 1 at 225iu. My belly is bloated, bruised, and looks like a warzone took place on it. Both ovaries are absolutely killing me. No more injections for this cycle though. The course of action is to continue to hope for follicular growth, use OPKs everyday throughout the week, and get a CD21 progesterone level draw done. I'm pretty bummed about the outcome thus far, but I haven't lost hope. For documentation purposes my E2 stands at 113 right now after being in the 60's then 80's. Keep those prayers a coming, and I'll keep you posted as changes develop.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Nerve Than I Thought

So, I went for my E2 level this morning. The number was a bit low, but still on the good range of things for where it should be at this point. However, the Dr. told me that I needed to do another shot. Of course just my luck, DH had to go back to work tonite too. So, I mixed the vials, and prepared my skin for the injection. He had given me two already that didn't really hurt, just stung a little on the first one when the med went in b/c I believe he pushed it too fast. So, I took a deep breath and did it!!! It wasn't all that bad. I didn't give myself time to even think about it this time, b/c I knew I would just psych myself out again. I hate to say it but I didn't even flinch, sad that I'm becoming immune to this pain already. *B* was so cute afterward too, he kissed my injection site and said "Mommy boo-boo all bet-tah." He's such my sweet boy, and this would be so much harder this time around without him.

E2 re-check on Wednesday as well as an u/s. I'll keep you posted.

*Warning* If you get queasy with these types of things don't scroll on!!

Here is documentation of my bravery. I'm sooo proud of myself!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Such A Baby!!

Here it is CD9, and I've got all my meds for this cycle (so far) in me. However, I couldn't inject myself. I was too nervous and scared. Last time I got the shots given to me in the office by the nurses, b/c I wasn't able to go to the injectible class to learn how to do them. So, this time around I was given a DVD and had to do it myself. DH had to do it actually. I was shaking so bad with the first injection that I dropped the syringe. After I explained to him how to do it, he was all to eager to inflict pain on me. I could of smacked him...LOL. He said it was his pay back for having to deal with me being bitchy all week on the C*lomid. I go for my E2 levels in the morning, and my first u/s is on Wednesday. I'm hoping that I don't have to do anymore shots, as I've been doing them around 8pm and DH works 7pm-7am, so he won't be here to give them to me, and I'll have to do them myself which I don't think I can do. Any way I'll keep you all posted, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

AF Arrived

Just now the old hag reared her ugly face. So, to the start of what I hope is to be one very blessed and lucky cycle. Two days (Monday) and I start C*lomid. Then there was a protocol change for the M*enopur... I'll now be doing 150iu on CD7&9. Definitely scared about stabbing myself with a needle, but I know it's for the greatest outcome in the world. Funny thing is the two days I'll be injecting myself will be DH's birthday & Father's Day. Maybe that is a + sign. I hope!!!

Provera Done

Ten long days it took to finish this horrible medicine that will induce AF. Now it's just a waiting game until her presence. After that it's onto C*lomid and M*enopur. Wish us luck... I hope this is our cycle!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Completely Moved and The Lowdown Otherwise

I swear I think we moved in record timing. We found out about the new place, signed the papers, and in a week we were packed and moved out of the old place. Our ex-landlady is smoking hot mad too, but whatever. Her daughter (who was my friend) is also now a bad-mouther of sorts. They've just been running DH and I into the ground about moving and giving "said landlady" only a week and a half notice. Guess it doesn't matter any way.... I found out today she's got the old place rented already, so I'm not exactly sure what her problem is except the fact that she's an "itch" with a capital "B". Enough with the crap though.

So, we're moved. I LOVE THE NEW PLACE!!! I can not say that enough. We doubled our sq. footage, and we're buying it on land contract right now. Well, here's the deal actually.... DH and I have a couple discrepancies on our credit report that we're currently paying on. We told the current owner of this, and he agreed to make a contract that we would pay him a set monthly amount for one year, then he would take half the amount that we paid for the year and use that as a down payment for us. At the end of the year we can try to see if we can get a loan (fingers crossed we're able to), if not he'll continue to take the amount agreed upon monthly until we have paid him in full the amount he is asking for the house, garage, and property. So, either way at the end of so many years we'll be home owners whether it be through him or a bank/finance company.

In the midst of all the moving AF never arrived. I'm totally aggravated by this, and my Dr. is stumped as to why after directly coming off bcps I didn't start. I'm assuming the stress factor had alot to do with it, but whatever. Any way, I start taking pro*metrium tomorrow night for the issue. Also, *drum roll please* my protocol was changed on treatments. Not entirely, but I bypassed a step I wasn't looking forward too repeating, and I'm getting right down to business. I'm doing Clo*mid (as I mentioned) but now combined with Men*opur. As of right now my directions are to take the oral meds CD3-7, then on CD8, CD10, and CD12 (if need be) inject myself with 150iu of the injectible. I've done this before. Right before *B*, and resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I must say I'm scared, petrified actually; but there is a large part of me that is super excited and I have so much faith in this and I have a calmness.... almost like a knowing that this is the right cycle and the right time. It's strange. It took alot of persuading on my part to get my Dr. to get down to business, but I put it on the line for him that I would just seek out a Dr. that would and he would lose me as a patient and my money....and BOOM! he was writing out the scripts.

In other news..... my fun loving sister makes her way home in exactly one month. I'm looking forward to it. I miss her desperately, and I'm glad she'll be here for *B*'s 2nd birthday. Also, just for mentioning purposes my brother's fiancee is pregnant again for their third and her youngest isn't even one yet. I hate how they can just have kids without jobs and a means to an end, and here DH and I sit struggling and craving something that comes easily to them. Also, I found out today via another internet site that landlady's daughter who took Clo*mid only 2 cycles got a BFP today. She never had ovulation problems just longer than normal cycles, but begged her Dr. to put her on it, and he did. I guess it makes me a low person for praying it wouldn't happen to her before it happened to me, but it has so now I guess I have to be happy for her? Or maybe not. I'm so offended by everything that's happened that I don't know whether to be her friend or her enemy. I guess what I've always heard is true..."Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." I just don't really have a happy feeling for either of these people's pregnancies, and it pains me to admit but I think the bitterness of infertility is coming back to me with a vengeance.