Monday, November 24, 2008

Dusting off the Blog

I figured since my last actual entry was October 14th, that I would add in blogs on dates of things I remembered below this one. I know I should just write it when it happens, but life has been crazy hectic here. There was Halloween, H*attie's baby shower, and now the hustle and bustle I'm going through to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I swear the stress level never ends in this house. Not to mention my blue-nose pitt*bull is pregnant and going to drop those babies probably this coming weekend....ARGH! Just been ALOT of stress. Once the new year is here I'll be relieved. Maybe by then things will quiet down around here a bit. I can only hope. In the dusting off though I thought I would let you know there is cute pics in the two entries below of the Cheekster for you all to check out. In that I'm going to hopefully call it a nite. I'll leave you with pics of Hattie's baby shower. The theme was "Adding a Little Harvest Pumpkin to the Patch".
I made her that diaper cake. It was my first time at making one and I did a rather good job if I do say so myself, but it took me 5 hours. Next time now that I know how to do it I'm hoping it'll take like an hour.