Monday, August 24, 2009

Follicle Scan Was Today

The results are in and I'm super pleased and EXCITED!! I'm on CD12, and super amazed at how well this cycle went. My protocol never had to be changed thankfully. My E2 rised like it was supposed to. Today at 11am I saw the most amazing sight on u/s. I had a bunch of tiny little follies no bigger than 12mm on my left ovary, and on my right ovary (the one I've been having some tenderness in) were 3 beautifully sized follies measuring at 17mm, 18mm, and 20mm. I also had a bunch of little ones in that same ovary but no bigger than 9mm. I'm to give myself one more Me*nopur injection tonite of 225iu, and then tomorrow night the trigger shot. Please ladies send some baby dust my way, b/c with follies like these I really need it. Thanks and I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boo-Boo For the *B* Monster


My little monkey acquired his first serious injury this past weekend. Of course I totally freaked out while DH played it all no big deal like, but whatever. He's my boy and seeing blood pour from anywhere out of his body is just too much. Here's what happened:

We were at DH's annual employee's hog roast/pool party. It's been held the past few years at the local water park/aquatic center. We've taken *B* there quite a few times and he's such a little fish anymore. He's not scared at all and just follows along with what other's are doing. Well there is a kiddy area that has this huge waterworks play thing in the middle of the pool for the younger kids. It has two slides on it, one being a curly cue slide that is open, and the other being a straight down closed in tunnel slide. *B* has went down both slides many times before always on his butt like the pictures indicate and the lifeguards on duty during the days make the children go down. We've never had a problem. Of course this being a closed to the public even the lifeguards were being lax on the supervision that they were giving to the kids going down these slides. There were numerous children going down all different ways that were not allowed. So, *B* my little social dragonfly that he is starts playing with this one little boy that I would say was probably 5yrs old. They're following each other around, splashing each other, playing hide and seek in the flat tube was cute. No harm no foul. Well the little boy decides he wants to go down the slide. Sure no problem. They go up and go down a few times the right way. Then we go eat.

The whole time we were eating everyone could still swim and this little boy continued to swim. (No I have no clue where his parents were either.) *B* must of been watching him the entire time b/c I noticed that we'll he was eating that every once and awhile he would clap meaning good job. So, I look over and see what he's clapping about and it's the other little boy going down the slide doing tricks. After we got done eating, we got back in the pool and immediately *B* wants to go down the slides. We tried to deter him away from it for a little while but he started throwing a fit. So we took him up to go down the curly slide, and he went down a few times the right way to begin with, but each time he went to go again there were kids in line not doing it right. So, he gets up there again and tries to lay down like these other kids are on his belly feet first. DH sits him down the right way and he starts down. The little booger flips himself around the way he wanted to be before he got to me at the bottom and were the sections of the slide meet together he brought his chin down on it. He was already crying at that point and I was freaking out screaming for a first aide kit. I felt like nobody was doing anything to help me or him. Blood was just gushing out. Finally they took us inside the complex entrance and got him cleaned up. A woman DH works with is an EMT and said he needed to go to the ER he needed stitches.

So, we took him to the ER. He never cried other than when it very first happened. He's such a trooper. At the ER I had to hold a numbing cotton ball on the open wound that was freezing to the touch even to my fingers that he said "OW!" about, but otherwise he did super. He got 3 stitches, never flinched for the numbing shots or them. The nurses and the Dr. was super impressed with how big of a boy about it he was. He's very aware of his boo-boo and doesn't pick at it like I thought he would. I make sure to keep it super clean and he's so funny I use anti-septic wipes to clean it he'll ask me for a wipe and then pat it on his cut and so "Uckies all gone." Melt my heart why doesn't he. He gets them out on won't be soon enough in my opinion but I know they need to be there until then it's just a PITA, b/c it's such a big deal to him and of course to me cleaning it wise.
Before (This is at our house we had to stop before the ER really quick to change him out of wet clothes and get our insurance card):

After (This is the next morning while he's still sleeping, I think they did an excellent job pulling it together):

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cycle Update

As you all should know I'm admist another cycle. I've had a couple of comments on what the protocal is, so I thought I would put it out there. Of course this is subject to change at anytime, but roughly this is what we're looking at for this cycle. I take Cl*omid on CD3-7. Then I do Me*nopur 150iu everyday starting on CD5. It's going to be CD5-12 and a follical scan on CD12 with more after that if needed. E2 every other day starting at CD8. I am getting the trigger shot this time, but since we have no sperm issues we won't be doing IUI. Will I regret that? Maybe, but I'm not trying to pessimistic just yet and I still have room to change my mind on that issue. I would prefer to conceive this child as we did *B*.... the more natural way (ya know in the bed). So, I guess my conscience will be the force to be reckoned with when the outcome of this cycle is laid out for me.

Any how I'll be getting back to my regularly scheduled program writing within the next day or so, b/c I have ALOT to pound out, and some free time. So, stay tuned.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick Update

For the only moment I have I wanted to stop by and let you all know that I'm still alive. DH has been on vacation this past week and rather than travel we've been doing things close to home. When I have more time (probably when he's back at work, b/c right now either we're on the go or I'm keeping myself busy cleaning so I don't blow up on him) I promise I'll post a more detailed entry about what is going on in the land of Baby Dreams. But for the most part I wanted to pop in and say "Hello, I'm still alive!" Plus, I wanted to make note that I started Clomid today and I start stimming Monday, b/c AF arrived on my Crappy Happy 26th Birthday. Damn that curse of the 13. (I'll explain it later...but chicky you know what I mean.)