Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Monster-isms & Milestones

My little man isn't such a little man any more these days. With him sleeping in a twin size bed now instead of a toddler bed, riding his big boy bike one handed with much grace, and being able to dress himself... He's growing in leaps and bounds.

Currently he's 3yrs 7mths 22 days old. He weighs 47.2lbs and is 3ft 2in tall. He's in the 90th percentile for both height and weight for his age. He wears size 5T in pants, 4/5 in shirts, and size 10 in shoes. His pedi. says he's the size of a 5yr old. A FIVE YEAR OLD!!! How can that be? He's supposed to be my little man, not my big boy.

He's such at such a great age, even though he still has his moments of tantrum and is as opinionated as ever. He's a great helper boy to me while I'm pregnant. He always asks me if I'm ok, and kisses my belly (what he's calling his baby sister) many times daily.

He's very passionate about learning and wants to go to pre-school in the fall. He can count to 12 without fail, and tries for 20, but skips numbers between 12 and 20. He can say almost all the ABC's without missing any letters, but his excitement while saying gets the letters flip-flopped here and there. He can recognize many of his ABC's written out, but has been having a hard time writing them out himself. He knows all 8 colors in a classic box of crayons, and quite a few colors that aren't in a classic box (ie: pink, gray, white, silver, gold).

He has a love for Sponge*bob and Toy Sto*ry (specifically Woody). He has a love for our cat, Mr. Kitty, and always wants to sleep with and snuggle him. He loves being outdoors, and loves to travel even if it's just to Wal*Mart. He loves to wrestle around and play many sports, but at the end of the day he's still my best & favorite cuddler.

He's been coming up with some cute saying lately too. A few of my favorites are:

  • "Mommy, my toe sleeves are too long." (His pant legs are long.)
  • "Will you please put cotton candy in my ears, they hurt." (Cotton balls.)
  • "Them smelly bubbles tickle between my fingers." (Washing his hands with foaming anit-bacterial soap.)
  • "I'm hungry for a sand-burger, Mommy." (Either a sandwich or a hamburger... maybe his combo of both... LOL!)
  • "I just blew a hole... LOL!" (What he calls passing gas, and giggling uncontrollably about it.)
and my favorite by far even though it's gross...

  • "Maybe if all the gold in my nose gets harder we'll be able to cash it in for more Play-doh." (This came about while he was sick. I went to the jeweler to get DH's wedding band fixed after he broke it at work. The jeweler told me it couldn't be fixed, but I could have the stones cut out of it to keep and cash in the gold for dough, b/c it's a hard gold. So, when of course he was picking his nose a few days later I told him to quit digging for gold, and this is what I got back in return. LOL!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

ICLW, On The Mend, & Other Stuff

Welcome ICLW!! If you don't know me or about me feel free to poke around my blog and find out. A good place to start would be above this entry in my header bar under "My TTC Journey." I also encourage you to follow my blog as well, b/c my motto for blog following is "I gain a follower, you gain a follower."

Briefly though... My name is Catrisha. I'm 27 years young, married, and currently 15w1d pregnant with #2. I've had recurrent m/c's and have battled infertility (specifically PCOS and hypothyroidism). Twice now I've beat the odds that my body has thrown at me time and time again of early m/c and non-conception to conceive my miracles... My son known as "The Monster" or "*B*" around here and our current bundle of joy that I'm carrying. We are anxiously awaiting our gender u/s which is scheduled for March 15th, and if you haven't already voted in my sidebar poll on what you think we're having feel free too b/c we're definitely curious to know what ya'll think. We're not particular on a specific gender, we're just happy to be adding to our family and hoping for a full-term pregnancy with minimal to no complications and a healthy baby.

Now back to my regularly scheduled blogging....

We're all on the mend from the cold & flu around here. Boy, am I glad about that. After the past few days with it being so nice, sunny, and warm here this is such a blessing. I was able to open our windows and air the germs out. My biggest concern was *B* who wasn't getting better very quickly. Finally he's on the mend too, but is only about 85-90% better. He still gets a tickling in his throat he'll tell you and start coughing... the bad part about that is it's at night when our heat has been on. So, I went on a clean sweep through thee entire house wiping everything down with Clo*rox and spraying disinfectant spray. I changed the filters in the furnace and I vacuumed out the vents. I'm thinking maybe this on-going persistent runny nose and cough he's been experiencing is allergies instead of a 3 1/2 month long cold. DH and I both have severe allergies and DH had to have allergy shots when he was little... now I think *B* might be following in our footsteps. I was hoping not, but with all this cleaning and things adding up to the causes of his ailments being dust, pollen, mold, & mildew (our basement recently started drawing in moisture with all the melting of the snow/ice giving it a horrid mildew-ish smell that it's never had before) related I'm think he is.

DH is going to be busy at work in the basement this coming week/end cleaning it better than I was able to, resealing it, and we've already gotten a dehumidifier/air purification unit down there to help. Hopefully we'll all be 100% in no time.

In other news... I've been feeling every once and awhile for a couple of days now the baby move. It's usually at night when I lay down for bed, and it's nothing I can feel on the outside but it's definitely there. It feels as best I can describe it like a little ball rolling across my belly from one side to the other and back again right beneath my belly button. It usually goes on for 5-10min before it stops and I can no longer feel it. I'm eager to start feeling more movement more during the day (and night), and to be able to start feeling it on the outside. That was my favorite part of being pregnant with *B*.

Also, speaking pregnancy related ever since I was sick with the flu I've been having morning sickness, which is more like wake up in the middle of the night and vomit my guts up sickness. I was sick like this with *B* while I was pregnant with him, but it started at 6wks to the day and ended at 15wks to the day and occurred EVERYDAY! I hadn't been sick hardly at all with this pregnancy and for it to start now at/around 15wks, sucks. I'm just hoping it's short lived, and passes quickly, and that phen*ergan continues to help when I'm able to take it.

**I hope that you've enjoyed this visit to my blog! Have a GREAT ICLW week & peace and blessings to you and yours!!**

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Battling The Sickies

I'm so tired of everyone in my family being sick, especially my little man. My poor *B* has been sick with a horrible cough and runny (green snot) nose since early November. I've been religiously taking him to see his pediatrician like clock work about every 14-15days. He's been on different antibiotics 6 different times in the past 3 1/2 months. He is always prescribed to take them 10days, and within 3-5days of finishing the medicine he's right back to the same symptoms. It's to the point he doesn't even want to take medicine any more, and yet he still sounds like a hound dog when coughing and is no better.

My Mommy heart breaks for him, b/c there is nothing that I can other than what I've been doing which is everything. I'm beginning to hate his pediatrician too, b/c I feel like she doesn't listen to me and that to her I'm just another mother that doesn't follow through with giving her child their meds. I'm not that type of Mom at all. Just 2wks ago I ended up in an arguement with her over this on-going ailment we've been dealing with. Poor *B*'s ears have been sensetive to sounds since mid-December, and each time we're in there I tell her and she says there is nothing wrong with his ears. I finally put my foot down and told her I thought she was a quack and that her specialty was pediatrics not the ears, nose, and throat and I wanted a referral to an ENT for him. After her (always drops the ball) staff took their sweet ass time (a week) and I called in there complaining I finally got the referral for my insurance for the ENT. The bad part is the appt isn't until March 22nd.

I have to call in daily to see if I can get an earlier an appt if there's a cancellation, but so far no luck. *B*'s poor stomach and pelvic floor muscles are so weak from all his coughing that he dribble pees his pants everytime he coughs. He'll come to me so upset and crying over this loss of dignity that he gained when becoming fully potty trained. My poor heart breaks for him many times a day, but I comfort him letting him know it's not his fault and everything will be alright. I also reassured him that he's not the only one that is experiencing this, as Mommy being sick and being pregnant is causing me to do the same thing. Of course I got a smile out of him from that, and a huge hug.

The worst part about him and this on-going sickness is that I keep getting it. I've been on 3 different antibiotics since becoming pregnant for the the same symptoms he has. Just this past week all three of us were deathly ill with the same symptoms (coughing, gagging until we puke, sinus congestion, and eventually runny noses with lots of sneezing). We all started the Z-pack this past Friday. DH no longer has any symptoms. I still have a tickle in my throat with a cough. *B* still sounds the same as when he began the medicine. *B* and I both ended up in the ER for dehydration. It's a vicious cycle that keeps repeating and I just wish that for once we could all be healthy, but apparently that's asking to damned much. ARGH!

On a side note: With having been so sick and not being able to keep anything down and being seen in the ER... I had to see the OB to make sure the baby was alright. I got an u/s done on Fri. when I was in there to get my script for the Z-pack, and baby was very active even though I'd only had a slice of toast in my system for the past 4days prior to the appt. The heartrate was 158bpm. My BP on Fri. was 140/87, but my OB wasn't worried he said it was my body's defense mechanism dealing with the stress of the sickness. I had to go back in there yesterday so that he could make sure that I was improving on the meds, and make sure he didn't need to admit me. On the doppler yesterday the baby's heartrate bounced between 152 and 158bpm. My BP was 128/78, and just over the weekend and being prescribed what I'm calling the miracle medicine (ph*energan) I gained back 4 of the 5lbs I had lost in the week before. So, baby is good even though I've been sick, and slowly I'm on the mend... just wish the little man was too.

One last side note: Don't forget to vote on my right sidebar on the baby's gender. Voting ends March 15th before the gender u/s. I'm curious to see what ya'll think we're having. Oh and I'm 14w2d today.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Official Pregnancy Related News

Today was my last appt for PIO shots. Thank goodness for that, b/c my hips look like they've been the center of a battle zone. If you haven't ever had to have PIO shots let me tell you the serum is so thick it reminds me of glue, and it HURTS being injected in. I'm thankful for these shots though and the fact that it has kept my little Lovebug nestled deep in my uterus.

Also, today I was released from bedrest!! WOOT WOOT for this. I never had any complications to put me on bedrest except for my previous m/c's, so it was just precautionary but I was starting to get stir crazy. I was only going out once a week on my appt days, and I felt like I was cut off from the outside world b/c of this. I've been told to take it easy and not to over do it since the PIO will be wearing off and the natural progesterone from the placenta will take over in the next week and a half. I can take it easy, but I do know it sure will be nice to be able to do more.

Lastly, at my appt today my gender u/s was scheduled. We'll be finding out what we're having on March 15th. I'm soooo excited and can't wait. With that being said I'm going to put a poll up on on my sidebar for ya'll to vote on what you think we're having. Either way I don't care as long as everything keeps going as it has been (uneventful... knock on wood) and we have a healthy baby sometime from late July to mid August!! So, guess away!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C-ya, Bye First Trimester!!

Today I'm currently 12w3d. There's alot of date confusion on when the first trimester is over, but I'm proclaiming it over. My OB-GYN told me this past Friday that I would be in the second trimester as of the following day, so I'm taking his word for it. Speaking of OB appts., this coming Friday will be my last for the PIO shots. I must say that even though I'm nervous about going off the shots, I'm also relieved that my hips will no longer be in pain and the bruising will begin to subside. I'll also be completely off bedrest then as well. My OB also told me that 5wks from this Friday I'll get the gender u/s. I'm soooo excited to find out the sex of this little Lovebug, but either way I just would like a healthy baby.

The first trimester for this baby was so much different than when I was pregnant with *B*. When I was pregnant with *B* I was so horribly sick. It started at 6wks and lasted until I was a little past 15wks. I was sick all day every day and there were many of times I would wake from a dead sleep just to pray to the porcelain God. This pregnancy I've had none of that. I've been nauseous a hand-full (one hand-full) of times, and I can count all my bouts with vomiting on 3 fingers (knock on wood). I really haven't had that much in the way of symptoms except an insatiable appetite and acne like you would think I'm a teenager.

I'm already get a baby bump that I've had a few friends comment on. To me though, I just feel fat and bloated still. However, I do know that most of my regular pants are starting to feel very snug on my expanding belly.

I can't begin to explain how happy I am to be out of the first trimester. I'm able to breathe a sigh of relief just knowing this. I'm also happy that this little one has been a sticky one, and I've had a very uneventful pregnancy thus far. I just keep thinking about all the m/c's and my pregnancy with *B* and how touchy everything was with them. I'm so glad this time around is seemingly much easier, and that I've found an OB that I thoroughly love that completely cares about me and has made my pregnancy so enjoy.

That's about all I have to report for now, other than hunkering down and preparing for this bad winter storm that's been going threw here for the past 24hrs. I'm hoping that all of you that are effected like we've been or worse are safe and have prepared yourselves too.

PS: Does anyone know how to contact Kellyanne from Finding ME After IF? She went private yesterday, and I missed her announcement on getting her my e-mail addy so she could add me as a reader. I would like to continue reading so if anyone knows how to get in contact with her could you let me know or let her know about me and give her my e-mail address that's listed in my sidebar, please? Thanks so much and have a good week.