Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Monster-isms & Milestones

My little man isn't such a little man any more these days. With him sleeping in a twin size bed now instead of a toddler bed, riding his big boy bike one handed with much grace, and being able to dress himself... He's growing in leaps and bounds.

Currently he's 3yrs 7mths 22 days old. He weighs 47.2lbs and is 3ft 2in tall. He's in the 90th percentile for both height and weight for his age. He wears size 5T in pants, 4/5 in shirts, and size 10 in shoes. His pedi. says he's the size of a 5yr old. A FIVE YEAR OLD!!! How can that be? He's supposed to be my little man, not my big boy.

He's such at such a great age, even though he still has his moments of tantrum and is as opinionated as ever. He's a great helper boy to me while I'm pregnant. He always asks me if I'm ok, and kisses my belly (what he's calling his baby sister) many times daily.

He's very passionate about learning and wants to go to pre-school in the fall. He can count to 12 without fail, and tries for 20, but skips numbers between 12 and 20. He can say almost all the ABC's without missing any letters, but his excitement while saying gets the letters flip-flopped here and there. He can recognize many of his ABC's written out, but has been having a hard time writing them out himself. He knows all 8 colors in a classic box of crayons, and quite a few colors that aren't in a classic box (ie: pink, gray, white, silver, gold).

He has a love for Sponge*bob and Toy Sto*ry (specifically Woody). He has a love for our cat, Mr. Kitty, and always wants to sleep with and snuggle him. He loves being outdoors, and loves to travel even if it's just to Wal*Mart. He loves to wrestle around and play many sports, but at the end of the day he's still my best & favorite cuddler.

He's been coming up with some cute saying lately too. A few of my favorites are:

  • "Mommy, my toe sleeves are too long." (His pant legs are long.)
  • "Will you please put cotton candy in my ears, they hurt." (Cotton balls.)
  • "Them smelly bubbles tickle between my fingers." (Washing his hands with foaming anit-bacterial soap.)
  • "I'm hungry for a sand-burger, Mommy." (Either a sandwich or a hamburger... maybe his combo of both... LOL!)
  • "I just blew a hole... LOL!" (What he calls passing gas, and giggling uncontrollably about it.)
and my favorite by far even though it's gross...

  • "Maybe if all the gold in my nose gets harder we'll be able to cash it in for more Play-doh." (This came about while he was sick. I went to the jeweler to get DH's wedding band fixed after he broke it at work. The jeweler told me it couldn't be fixed, but I could have the stones cut out of it to keep and cash in the gold for dough, b/c it's a hard gold. So, when of course he was picking his nose a few days later I told him to quit digging for gold, and this is what I got back in return. LOL!)


  1. Kids are so cute! I have a daycare and the kids are constantly cracking me up with their cute sayings. Today's favorite from a 4 year old while playing basketball, "Did you see that duck slam (aka: slam dunk)?" :)
    Visiting from ICLW. Thanks for the smiles! :)

  2. Hilarious! As much as I want our wee girl to stay just as she is now, I look forward to those great conversations. I love how preschoolers look at the world.


  3. Isn't amazing how fast they grow? and all of the things that come out of their heads, ways of putting things together that we would never think of, but we can see how they make total sense? It sounds like you've been blessed with a wonderful son.


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