Friday, February 4, 2011

Official Pregnancy Related News

Today was my last appt for PIO shots. Thank goodness for that, b/c my hips look like they've been the center of a battle zone. If you haven't ever had to have PIO shots let me tell you the serum is so thick it reminds me of glue, and it HURTS being injected in. I'm thankful for these shots though and the fact that it has kept my little Lovebug nestled deep in my uterus.

Also, today I was released from bedrest!! WOOT WOOT for this. I never had any complications to put me on bedrest except for my previous m/c's, so it was just precautionary but I was starting to get stir crazy. I was only going out once a week on my appt days, and I felt like I was cut off from the outside world b/c of this. I've been told to take it easy and not to over do it since the PIO will be wearing off and the natural progesterone from the placenta will take over in the next week and a half. I can take it easy, but I do know it sure will be nice to be able to do more.

Lastly, at my appt today my gender u/s was scheduled. We'll be finding out what we're having on March 15th. I'm soooo excited and can't wait. With that being said I'm going to put a poll up on on my sidebar for ya'll to vote on what you think we're having. Either way I don't care as long as everything keeps going as it has been (uneventful... knock on wood) and we have a healthy baby sometime from late July to mid August!! So, guess away!!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations on making it through the PIO shots and the bedrest!! I can't wait to read more as your pregnancy progresses!


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