Monday, February 21, 2011

ICLW, On The Mend, & Other Stuff

Welcome ICLW!! If you don't know me or about me feel free to poke around my blog and find out. A good place to start would be above this entry in my header bar under "My TTC Journey." I also encourage you to follow my blog as well, b/c my motto for blog following is "I gain a follower, you gain a follower."

Briefly though... My name is Catrisha. I'm 27 years young, married, and currently 15w1d pregnant with #2. I've had recurrent m/c's and have battled infertility (specifically PCOS and hypothyroidism). Twice now I've beat the odds that my body has thrown at me time and time again of early m/c and non-conception to conceive my miracles... My son known as "The Monster" or "*B*" around here and our current bundle of joy that I'm carrying. We are anxiously awaiting our gender u/s which is scheduled for March 15th, and if you haven't already voted in my sidebar poll on what you think we're having feel free too b/c we're definitely curious to know what ya'll think. We're not particular on a specific gender, we're just happy to be adding to our family and hoping for a full-term pregnancy with minimal to no complications and a healthy baby.

Now back to my regularly scheduled blogging....

We're all on the mend from the cold & flu around here. Boy, am I glad about that. After the past few days with it being so nice, sunny, and warm here this is such a blessing. I was able to open our windows and air the germs out. My biggest concern was *B* who wasn't getting better very quickly. Finally he's on the mend too, but is only about 85-90% better. He still gets a tickling in his throat he'll tell you and start coughing... the bad part about that is it's at night when our heat has been on. So, I went on a clean sweep through thee entire house wiping everything down with Clo*rox and spraying disinfectant spray. I changed the filters in the furnace and I vacuumed out the vents. I'm thinking maybe this on-going persistent runny nose and cough he's been experiencing is allergies instead of a 3 1/2 month long cold. DH and I both have severe allergies and DH had to have allergy shots when he was little... now I think *B* might be following in our footsteps. I was hoping not, but with all this cleaning and things adding up to the causes of his ailments being dust, pollen, mold, & mildew (our basement recently started drawing in moisture with all the melting of the snow/ice giving it a horrid mildew-ish smell that it's never had before) related I'm think he is.

DH is going to be busy at work in the basement this coming week/end cleaning it better than I was able to, resealing it, and we've already gotten a dehumidifier/air purification unit down there to help. Hopefully we'll all be 100% in no time.

In other news... I've been feeling every once and awhile for a couple of days now the baby move. It's usually at night when I lay down for bed, and it's nothing I can feel on the outside but it's definitely there. It feels as best I can describe it like a little ball rolling across my belly from one side to the other and back again right beneath my belly button. It usually goes on for 5-10min before it stops and I can no longer feel it. I'm eager to start feeling more movement more during the day (and night), and to be able to start feeling it on the outside. That was my favorite part of being pregnant with *B*.

Also, speaking pregnancy related ever since I was sick with the flu I've been having morning sickness, which is more like wake up in the middle of the night and vomit my guts up sickness. I was sick like this with *B* while I was pregnant with him, but it started at 6wks to the day and ended at 15wks to the day and occurred EVERYDAY! I hadn't been sick hardly at all with this pregnancy and for it to start now at/around 15wks, sucks. I'm just hoping it's short lived, and passes quickly, and that phen*ergan continues to help when I'm able to take it.

**I hope that you've enjoyed this visit to my blog! Have a GREAT ICLW week & peace and blessings to you and yours!!**


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You have a beautiful family. Am following your blog now (even if you don't follow mine lol). Isnt feeling the baby move the best feeling ever? Makes me sad that i will never feel that again.

    Happy ICLW. Looking forward to your story.

  2. Hi there, just visiting from ICLW, and so glad I found your blog as your story gives me hope =)

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy and beating the bug that everyone seems to have. Hope the ms goes away soon!

    ICLW #61


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