Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Not My Day

Today started out way to early for my liking. At 4:30am *B* woke up crying Mommy. I run to his room to find his bed soaked. Since his diaper was dry my only logical explanation on this one is sweat. So, I striped him and his bed down, washed him off, and remade his bed. Only now he doesn't want to be in there....GREAT! So, to our bed he comes. Once there you would think he would sleep peacefully. Not so much. He tosses and turns, pops his head up and says "Baby", and if you try to pick him up to move him he's WIDE AWAKE. So, I just let him go on about his ritual while I lay there not sleeping.

6am rolls around and *H* is up for a feeding. Usually he goes back down until around 9am-ish, but of course today would not be the day he wants to do this. So, I'm up, but exhausted. Well 9am rolls around and *B* is still sleeping. How can this be? I go to our room to check on him and he's contently curled up beside DH with his head on his chest. *H* is down for a nap, so maybe I'll catch a few ZZZZ's. Wrong.

I just get laid down on the couch and *H* throws up EVERYWHERE! Argh. I jump up quick, and a stabbing pain in my lower right back brings me to my knees. I've felt this pain before. My kidney....oh no I hope it's not stones again. I don't have time to be sick. So, I muster up the strength to get to my feet and get *H* cleaned up, but poor DH who has to work tonite so he sleeps through the day is now up too, to help me. I'm in alot of pain now.

I'm laying on a heating pad, and I called my Dr. but of course he's out of town at a conference for the rest of the week, and his nurse was an unhelpful inconsiderate bitch to put it mildly b/c hello none of his patients are supposed to get sick when he's out of town. And, of course he doesn't have another Dr. covering his practice b/c they are also at said conference. NICE! And, of course if the pain gets worse seeks medical treatment. (She must of thought I was dumb.) Hello stupid nurse on the other end of the line do you not realize that it takes normally on average 6-8hrs at the ER to be seen and treated, I have a DH that needs to sleep to support us, and 2 children that I don't have a sitter for....plus our co-pay is $225 and they may or maynot include any labs that are done, and that doesn't even guarantee that the band aide station hospital will figure out what is wrong with me even though I'm pretty sure it's my kidney.

GREAT! So, like my title says....Just not my day.

Oh and *H* is fine now (pretty sure I didn't get out all the gas bubbles), and *B* is being a total hyped up heathen. Go figure.

AND (as if there could be anything more) my our 5gal fish tank that is only supposed to have 4 fish an an algae eater now has 12 fish and an algae eater. LOVELY! I'm not sure which one bred, but I was assured I had all male fish. I think not.


  1. I am so sorry about all of this. You are in a rough patch right now. I hope things get better for you. Hunter is lucky he is with you...what a lucky boy!


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