Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things Won't Change

Those are the words that over one month ago my sister said to me when her husband was returning home from I*raq. While I know it had been 15mths since he'd been home minus the birth of my niece in late June, I thought maybe this time would be different. So, I believed her. We used to talk daily on the phone if not more than once a day, and always talk at night after we got our kids in bed before we went there ourselves. I knew that the nightly conversations would cease to exist, but all phone calls???? Come on!!! Both times her DH has been deployed I've been there to lend an ear, played the big sister role. I'm always supportive and take that extra step to ensure that if she's having a rough time I cheer her up. So, now I'm going through another one of what I will call one of the roughest times in my life (only have had a handful) with the whole H*attie/H*unter/court/CPS issues and where is she? Being the unsupportive non-existant sister. Well, I know she's in G*eorgia visiting in-laws, but she has her cell phone. I've called repeatedly leaving messages, b/c I want need to talk to her. Do you think she can call me back either? Of course not. She's been in G*eorgia for 2wks this Saturday, I've called every other day leaving a message and am yet to receive a phone call back.

"Oh, But Thing's Won't Change!!"


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