Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Boy to BIG Boy...Snip, Snip

Well today *B* went and got his first haircut. He looks like such a little man now. Oh boy, and does he look like his Daddy more than ever. He did so good. He sat very still, and even cheesed at himself in the mirror in front of him a couple of times. It was too cute too. There was this little girl that came in at the end of his cut, and he kept his eye on her. Then while we were waiting on my sister and my neice to get their hair done he kept flirting with that little girl. He also kept running his fingers threw his hair like he was hot stuff too. I'm telling you this little boy is going to break ALOT of hearts when he gets older. But, on days like today when I can see how fast he's growing up it really, REALLY makes me miss all those little baby moments.

BTW~ For those that I told I would post his video of his haircut, the limit is 100MB for blogger and P*hotobucket in length, and the video is 213MB, so I'm checking out different video hosting sites to see what I can come up with so you all can see the clip. So, check back for updates on what I find out.


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