Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AF is Toying with Me (A TMI post)

Well, I was due for her on the on 9/8/08, but I only got pinkish discharge on the TP. Then there was nothing the next day, so I tested, BFN...BLAH!! 9/10/08-9/12/08 was brown discharge nothing heavy and only on the TP. Finally on 9/13/08 she arrived in full force with all her relatives. She was here until 9/19/08 full force then I went back to brown spotting until 9/22/08. She's gone now, but I know she was here to long and I'm still wondering what it was all about. I just pray this is the cycle since we're trying but without treatments that will produce our next miracle. Fingers crossed and babydust needed!!!

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