Monday, September 1, 2008

Spice in the Bedroom

So after reading ES's blog and posting the last entry about DH and my bedroom antics I challenged him to the 100 days of sex challenge. Today was day #1 and so far so good. We are following suit in her rules by at least one of us has to orgasm a day. I know that by the end of this 100 day challenge (Dec. 9th to be exact) my hoo-haw is going to probably fall off, but that is the price I'm going to have to pay to get a little around here. Plus it increases our TTC efforts, b/c I know there will not be a day missed (well minus AF days and then I guess he'll benefit more from this challenge). Of course not much time for DH's boys to replenish each day, but whatever. I'm in a horny phase and if this is what is going to fix it I'm fine with that. I'll keep you posted on who forfeit the challenge first or if we both make it until the end.


  1. Good Luck to you. I'm anxious to know who holds out the longest!


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