Friday, August 22, 2008

It Amazes Me...

how when you and your DH haven't had sex in so long you can't remember the last time, and he doesn't have to work tonite, so he's not in bed sleeping today and your son is down for a nap, DH has other things to do. Now, I know we're TTC but the lack of sex really makes that a hard one. With his work schedule and *B*'s non-sleep schedule at nite when I go to bed the only thing I want to do is sleep. But when the rare opportunity like this presents itself, I believe that we should take full advantage of it. Instead, DH is off to the lumber yard to get more wood and screws and whatever else to finish the revamp he started last weekend to our deck. Then to the auto parts store to get some rainguards for the windows of the E*scape.

Then when about 5-6pm rolls around he'll be ready to crash and burn from being up for 24+hours striaght and yet again another missed opportunity down the drain. Now, I'm not a nympho or anything...actually far from it truthfully.....but DAMN a woman has needs too. I'm just aggrevated that even though I mentioned the idea of a mid-morning romper session he blew it off like it was last week's garbage or something. I'm just irritated. Maybe when he gets home I'll be able to seduce him a little, who For, now though I'm off to get my house cleaned up and me some lunch while I can still eat without having to share off my plate.

PS: My GYN has put me back on Metformin, and after 30days being on that I'm going to do a Femera cycle. If no BFP (not thinking like that this time, I promise!!!) I'm off to the RE no messing around.


  1. All I can say is - I understand what you're saying.

    This is for the birds.

  2. good luck i hope you get a bfp and ya my dh gets like that also dam work grrr lol


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