Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Fun

We meandered our way to the pumpkin patch today FINALLY. It was crisp outside but still nice during the day. Definitely in need of a sweatshirt come sunset though. *B* was all over the patch yelling "ball". He thought every bright orange round gourd on the ground was a ball. It was cute to watch him actually pick his first pumpkin. He was very fascinated by messing with the stink bugs on the rotting pumpkins though and picking up rocks to throw. It was definitely a memorable experience.
After we got home H*attie and J*ordan came to visit. I took some cute pics of them together while *B* played in the leaves and with his toys outside. She really loved being the center of attention, and I loved being able to make that moment her's for her.
To finish up the day we let *B* clean out his pumpkin to be carved. It was HILARIOUS to say the least. My baby kept wanting to eat the guts of the pumpkin and got some in his mouth a couple of times to spit it back out again. He kept calling it "Nana" (banana) which is his favorite fruit. Oh and the seeds....that was fun. Everyone one of them he would take to DH and say "Dada No Nana!" LOL! Moments like these I treasure for they melt my heart.

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