Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 44 and...

I'm ready to throw in the towel. I thought for sure that we would nail ovulation this past month and I would be announcing a BFP. My hoo-haw hurts, AF (well spot) is here, and I got a BFN over the weekend. I have no clue how long AF will be here and BD-ing during that time just doesn't appeal to me, so we (actually I) would have to result to other forms to keeps this deal going. We've kind of made it a bet now, b/c I've been complaining. DH doesn't think I will make it to day 100, which right now I'm not so sure either, but I'm determined to conceive #2 and while I'm working at that he's lost sight of it. As an end result if I make to the 100 day mark DH is arranging to take me away for a weekend without *B* for a mini-vacay. There's this cozy little B&B that we saw in the country and I really want to spend it there. So, I'm almost half way there I might as well suck it up and keep on with it. After day 50 it's all down hill from there right??? And who knows I still might get that BFP since he doesn't think we're techinically "trying"...how could we not be???? Ummmm.....duh!!!! LOL...MEN!!!

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  1. good luck with trying for number 2 hugs and thinking of you darn af grrrrr hope all works out for you and keep up with the 100 days lol


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