Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kidney Stones = PAIN!!!

I have 3 kidney stones, and I feel as if I've been ran over by a M*ack truck. I've never had kidney stones ever in my life before. I almost had to be admitted into the hospital last night, b/c of them. The Dr. in the ER said that if they were a tenth of a millimeter larger I would require surgery for their removal. Thank God I didn't need surgery though. I'm on some medicine that makes my urine orange and another to break up the stones and an anti-biotic for infection. I have to catch all my urine in a hat to strain it to see for stones, and if I don't pass any before my meds are done then I may need surgery. I'm so scared. I've had plenty of surgeries before, but it's different now. I have *B* now, and I worry. My best-friend in the whole world died from having surgery done. Not for the same reason, but still she died. Before I would of never cared...I mean sure I'm scared to die, who isn't?? It's just now I'm a mother and I have my baby to worry about. I see how my godson is being brought up by his father since the passing of his mom (my BFF), and I worry about *B* not being brought up like I would want him to be brought up if something were to happen to me. I don't know I guess I'm just scared and jumping to unnecessarily morbid conclusions. I guess plan for the best prepare for the worst type of thing. I just pray these stones pass on their own.


  1. The stuff that makes your pee orange is called Pyridium. I use that all the time for bladder pain....although it does nothing but stain underwear. I hope you feel better. I hear those are hell.

  2. Oh you poor thing, I don't wish those jagged little bastards on anyone! I've had 11 of them so far, and I'm full of more of them. I've had 2 surgeries, although my problem is a bit different than yours - mine are all too happy to dislodge themselves and make the journey down the ureter, but then they change their minds, and dig their spiked heels in right in the middle of my ureter, causing unbearable pain, and necessitating surgical removal. To my knowledge, I don't have stones larger than 1 cm (which generally need Lithotripsy), but I have passed stones as large as 7mm on my own. I will be sending prayers. I hope, hope, hope you don't have to have surgery.

  3. I'm also curious to know - which do you think is worse? Childbirth or the stones?


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