Tuesday, May 13, 2008

6 Steps and 6 Teeth

Yep you read that right. My baby has 6 teeth, and today he took 6 steps from the end of the couch to his activity table without falling. He's had one tooth for what seems like forever, and all of a sudden 5 more break through and all within a week's time. He's been a real joy to be around, but I guess that that is to be expected with so many teeth emerging at a time. So, he has the 4 teeth on the bottom in the middle and the 2 top middle teeth. He's so adorable with the huge now non-gummy grin.

As for walking he's started to get really brave the week that his teeth all came in. He would take 2-4 un-assisted steps here and there and then tumble over. Today he took 6 to his table and then after he was done playing on his table 6 steps back to his starting point. I know now it's just a matter of days before he's off and I will be sitting here reminscing about all his baby moments, but I can't help but be super happy about him walking. It just saddens me seroiusly at how fast he has grown to this point.

My baby is turning into a toddler...sniffle, sniffle...pass the tissues.

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