Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Well it was a shitty one to say the least. *B* woke up at 6am and I was the one that ended up having to get up with him (of course DH couldn't let me sleep in). Finally at 9am *B* needed a nap and DH was getting up, so I traded him and he went on baby duty and I went back to bed. I got to sleep till 11am, but was startled awake by hearing my baby screaming bloody murder. Here he had taking off trying to walk and busted his head on the corner of the end table and had a HUGE knot. So, after I was up I proceeded to get ready that way if DH had something planned I would be ready to go at the spur of a moment. Well, while I was getting ready him and *B* fell asleep again. *B* woke up an hour later, but DH ended up sleeping till 4pm (ARGH!!). So, at this point I hadn't been told Happy Mother's Day, no card, no presents, NOTHING, and I was getting upset. So, I woke him and asked if he was going to sleep the entire day away. He finally mustered up enough energy to get off the couch and wanted to take me to a dinner buffet (which was a nice idea, but not a nice restaurant like I thought he would of wanted to take me to).

So, we left and about 15min down the road *B* starts having a horrible fit. (He's teething and has had 4 more teeth break through within the week.) DH packed the diaper bag and forgot all of the basic necessities (ie: Baby Orajel, sippy cup, Motrin, teething tablets, even toys to entertain him with). So, we had to turn around and go back for it. Well, half way back *B* was so worked up he vomitted all over himself, his carseat, and the back of the vehicle seat. We had to pull over so he could be calmed down. So, I have to get out in the pouring rain and remove him from his seat, take paper towels and baby wipes and try to wipe him and his seat off as best as possible. While DH just sits in the driver seat doing nothing (bigger ARGH!!). I get irrate at this point and hand him *B*, and *B* bumps the back of his head on DH's chin and screams harder, and I get called a retard. I finish cleaning everything, and we proceed down the road....I was driving this time and DH was sitting in the back entertaining *B*.

So, we get home and I'm an emotional wreck at this point from being treated so badly by DH and from *B* screaming so much. Plus, I'm soaking wet head to toe and I cried on the rest of the way home. I immediately got out of the vehicle and went straight inside, not bothering to help him with *B*. I go straight to our bedroom strip down and get in my pj's and climb in bed to finish bawling. He comes in and wants to know what I'm doing and I said "What does it look like I'm doing?" and to this I'm called a "B*tch". So then he cleans and changes *B*, and cleans up the vehicle the rest of the way. Then he comes back and asks what I'm doing and if I still want to go to the steak buffet place. I told him "No, and that I wanted to be left alone." So, he goes out to the living room and sits with my good friend's daughter who spent the nite the nite before and *B*. I come out finally and sit. He asks me again if I want to go, and I tell him "No" again b/c my face is splotchy at this point and eyelids swollen. To this he tells me to "Stop being an immature c*nt". I get up and run to our bedroom, slam the door and cry. I was so upset.

Some point after this he left to take my friend's daughter home. While he was gone him and *B* went and got me a card and some flowers and picked up Chinese food for dinner. I ended up crying myself to sleep and waking up at midnight to find my gifts and cold food, but by then Mother's Day was over and the first one had been ruined. Such nice gestures by him to commemorate the day (hence the sarcasm). But I should of known...almost every important day that pertains to me since I've been with him I've cried and they have been similar to this day, it shouldn't of been such a huge surprise. I just thought since this one was my first maybe just maybe with him having a clean slate it would be different. Guess that's what I get for thinking...right???


  1. I'm sorry your first Mother's Day was so crappy. I didn't have the best one either. What is it with men? Why is it so hard to pamper your wife 1 day a year?

  2. I'm sorry you had a crappy 1st mothers day. The one plus though is that you are a mother and b loves you everyday. Our DH's or assholes somedays don't understand what little things mean to us, but one day b will be big enough to do for you on his own and you will have wonderful Mother's Days to come. Although I have learned not to expect anything and that way you won't be dissappointed. HUGS

    PS> I know how the words can hurt as my hubby is the same way, just know that you are a great mother and let the hurtful words go strait out the other ear.

  3. I am so sorry Catrisha! He should have never spoken to you that way. Happy Mother's Day hun! -kriss


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