Monday, July 19, 2010

Mohawk Boy

I abosolutely love reading Mckmama's blog. *B* loves looking at the pics of her MSC, and sometimes he even wants me to read to him the blog entries which I love doing. Any way, after this weekend's Stream of Consciousness post that she showed beautiful pics of Nuggey with his mohawk and red tips... *B* wanted his done.
Before the mohawk

I didn't go all out and color his hair, but we did do this:

After: The Mohawk Boy

Side shot of the mohawk
I think he looks adorable!!! (But I'm biased as he's my child... LOL!) What do ya'll think???


  1. lol! That made me chuckle. What an adorable little man. Love the 'hawk!

  2. LOVE It! he looks sooo cute and I bet it's cooler also. :)

  3. Very cute! I remember when my brother and I were about that age he had a mohawk, but his teachers made him shave it off. I think they're great!


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