Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*B*'s Birthday Party

Of course in true Catrisha fashion... better late than never... LOL!

*B*'s birthday is on July 1st, but we didn't have his party until July 3rd since that was on the weekend. It was a nice day. Alot of people that was supposed to be here didn't show, but still we had a good time. My little man scored a good bit of To*y St*ory 3 toys (mainly Woody dolls as he's obsessed with the cowboy these days), as well as other out in the dirt toys, and a big boy bike. The kids played games and won prizes. I loaded the kids up on candy, and everyone else mingled. It was nice.

Oh, and remember the entry I posted about making THIS cake, well it turned out to be an historic epic fail in the art of cake making for me. The cake toppled over and fell apart not once, but twice when I was making it on two separate occasions. So, I scrambled around on the Friday before his party before noon to make a cake for him that looked like Spo*ngeb*ob, that way if it didn't turn out I still had plenty of time to order one. This is what we came up with and if I must say so myself... I did a pretty damned good job.

For me this was an easy peasy birthday that will go down in the baby book as a Moment in Time!!

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  1. Looks like his party turned out amazing! Again, great job on the cake!


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