Monday, January 25, 2010


Click the button above to check out more posts like mine and see how you can be a part of the "Not Me" Monday madness and fun. My first ever "Not Me" Monday post sponsored by MckMama. This should be fun. Here I sit after what I thought was going to be the perfect weekend, hoping to pound out a blog entry in 10min or less like always. But Not Me! In fact I'll be lucky to get one decent paragraph down in 10min without a typo. (Oh wait I have spell check.. LOL!) You see the weekend started out great, and the rip roaring fun continued on into Saturday along with the drizzle we've been having. In fact I planned a game night with my best girl-friend, Dad, little brother, and little brother's Mom while DH went to Saturday night poker night with *B*. When I went to pick up my friend at her house it was dark. Her teenage driver daughter had parked to close to the other car in their drive, and I couldn't fit through between them. I ended up having to walk around and I couldn't see since it was dark, and fell. I bet you think it was a graceful fall, don't you? Nope, Not Me! Ya know b/c that's not my style. I went face first in the mud catching myself with my hands. I got up went inside her house, and semi-cleaned myself off. Then you know I didn't proceeded to Wal*Mart to buy the board game "Last Word", with me looking a mess and mud all over and in pain, b/c I was determined to have fun damnit. Nope, Not Me! LOL! We get home and laugh and play, carrying on until 2am, and I didn't even go to the hospital that night b/c the pain wasn't that bad.

The next day I ended up at the hospital wearing a face mask b/c I wasn't there for a respiratory cold or the flu. Definitely NOT ME! I was there for x-rays. I answered their questions, got my pretty pictures of my bones taken, and I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally 3hrs later, the nurse comes in and gets out a splint to splint my wrist with. She tells me the Dr. will be with me shortly. Finally he comes in and tells me that I have a hair line fracture to the wrist, and I have to see an orthopedist, and sport this ugly black velcro splint until. Ugh.... I was hoping this was Not Me!

So here I sit in this painful oblivion this Monday evening waiting until Friday for my ortho appt., typing one handed (and doing quite well at it I might add), feeling helpless b/c it's my right hand and I'm right-handed, and ready to be hyped up on pain pills as soon as *B* goes to bed all b/c I have a fractured wrist. Holy cow, do I wish this was Not Me!


  1. Love your "Not Me" post Catrisha ;)

  2. Oh my!!! I hope you get all better soon!!! That sucks!! BTW...I LOVE your new layout!!! You know everytime you change yours, I feel the itch to change mine too....but it is never as cute!!!


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