Thursday, January 21, 2010


or maybe the regaining of my sanity is my daily shower. I would love to be able to get one in the near future with the bathroom door closed. B/c ya know I have to keep it open b/c God forbid my child have to pee, and can't open the door himself for whatever reason. Or how about getting one without the toilet getting flushed while I'm in there less than 3 times. That would be great too. And DH was even guilty of this one today which made 4 times and I about hopped out of the shower to start beating some a$$ when I found it to be him. (He stood there giggling like a school boy under his breath, I could of killed him for that one.) Or getting one without one side of the shower curtain being pulled open for the ump-teenth time b/c "Mommy, I want in derr wit youuuuu." I've even mastered the art of washing and conditioning my hair and shaving my armpits in 6 1/2min flat, b/c that is all the time I get before my little Monster starts to undress himself and hops in and joins me. Forget about shaving my legs, b/c ya know I get one partially shaved and not the other, and the the next shower I do the other while the first one doesn't get touched.... so basically I'm shaving a leg at a time... LOL! Life would be grand to have my serenity and sanity time back to myself again and two shaved legs at the same time. B/c Lord knows that's the only time I get away from the Monster. But not me, that would be too much to ask. But this is my crazy life and I love it. Even though I'm secretly going gray (not that that's a secret now) and my hair is falling out and I have high blood pressure b/c I never get to destress, you know I'm not changing it for anything in the world.... well unless it's privacy in the shower again.... LOL! Oh and this should so be a Not Me Monday post. Oh well though.

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