Friday, January 22, 2010

Date Night

Tonight was DH and my first date night and almost a year. (I know we're pathetic, but I only trust a hand full of people with our child, and well they have lives and busy schedules and aren't usually available and it's just usually easier to take him with us than have an emotional meltdown from anyone.) We went bowling with another couple and it was GREAT! I miss just being able to get out and do this sometimes. While I had alot of fun, and we bowled 4 games (DH won 2, and I won 2) I missed our baby. I don't think it will ever get any easier when I leave him to do this, even though I know he's in excellent hands. Probably the reason why we have so few date nights b/c DH gets fed up with me being teary eyed through dinner b/c something reminds me of *B*, or I cut us short on whatever we're doing so I can race back to rescue him even though I find him playing happily and not missing us the slightest. Tonight though I must say I restrained from doing either of these things, and when we were done with the third game and were asked by the other couple if we wanted to play one more... I didn't even hesitate. I did miss *B*, but I knew I had to do this for my husband, and our marriage. There are just times that you as parent, I guess, have to suck it up in order to keep the peace in all aspects of your life so that nothing falls to the way side... especially not the person that is supposed to be your equal in everything.

So, my Dad watched our little Monster, and he had his uncle to play with. He was happy and taken care of. Pap-paw hyped him up on M&M's, gummi worms, and pop... but hey I can't complain it was free child care. *B* loves his pap-paw and I love that he has a close enough relationship with him that it gives DH and I the chance to get away and reconnect on us without the Monster in tow. I have a really great Dad!!

Did I mention I had a GREAT time??? And that I beat DH in two games??? And I have the most AMAZING father??? I did??? Well, I thought I'd mention it again b/c it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. :o) Have a good weekend everyone!!

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