Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twisted Relationships

I will never understand my Dad's relationship with my little brother's mom. They are the on again off again type of relationship that needs to be dead and buried. Recently after 4yrs. my little brother came waltzing back into our lives on Thanksgiving weekend after not being allowed to come around us b/c of my visitation getting revoked from my Dad due to his alcohol addiction. Any way, with this has come a whole slew of things and an open can of worms that I just don't care for. My Dad and this woman have always had a weird relationship. They met when she was 17. There is almost a 20yr age difference between them. I know age is just a number, but in this case when this woman is only 8yrs older than his oldest child it's awkward to say the least. So, any how, there relationship went from good to bad in a hurry. Dad's alcohol problems made him abusive after certain triggers on her part, and she was abusive to him just the same. This landed my Dad in prison on domestic violence charges three times, and yet he kept going back and she kept taking him back. (Just so my Dad doesn't look totally to blame in this post b/c he's not, she got assault charges on her 2 of the 3 times, but no jail time.)

Any way, so fast forward to 4yrs ago when they were on again.... things got out of control they got into an argument, he was drinking bad, and somewhere down the line a decision was made to end things for good. But she took it a step further by going into court and bringing up his past record of domestic violence in a custody battle of my little brother. The courts ruled on modified visitations for him with my little brother. Needless to say he didn't follow the courts orders got visitation revoked and ended up with a restraining order on him that isn't up until my little brother is almost 14.

Fast forward to now.... I got in contact with my little brother not my Dad, b/c I'm allowed to. My Dad wanted nothing to do with the whole situation so he didn't get in trouble and go to jail again. My brother then pushed and pushed to get into contact with Dad for Christmas. Dad let his walls down and allowed him. My little brother's mom brought him to my house on Christmas Eve. Here's where the trouble is though.... in the 4yrs that they weren't together she got with another man, married him, and then found out he had a prior conviction and jail time for child molestation. So her mom went and petitioned the courts for custody of my little brother so that nothing would happen to him, and now his grandma has custody and she's technically the one with the restraining order against my Dad on my little brother not his mom. (Hopefully you're following this..LOL.) So, she brings him around for Christmas Eve, then again this past weekend never telling her mom the truth on where my little brother really is. When he leaves to go home this past Friday, my little brother wanted to spend the night, but she wouldn't allow him b/c she didn't know how she would explain it they get into it and he takes off. He winds up back here and she lets him stay the entire weekend here.

Now since the weekend she's been calling my Dad and showing up unexpectedly (who's in a relationship with someone else mind you that I can't stand, but that would be a whole other post) and trying to weasel her way in his life again. I'm hoping my Dad is smart enough to not fall for her crap this time, b/c if he's not I'll be the one left to pick up the pieces when it all falls apart like I always am. And, I just don't want to do it this time. I love our new house, and the fact that it's right nest door to my Dad, but I hate knowing who's coming and going over there and what's going on. I just hope and pray that in the long run he doesn't end up in jail if the grandma finds out about all this, b/c that is what will happen for breaking the restraining order, but at the same time my little brother's mom I think revoked it by bringing him here. I'm just not sure on that whole legal process, but this doesn't sit well with me. I love my little brother, but sometimes I wish way back when he would of never been born, b/c then crazy lady wouldn't still be making her way into our lives. Pray this ends well Dreamers, b/c I have a bad feeling.

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