Friday, January 25, 2008

Mulitple Dr. Appts. and Prayers Needed

Well, I tend to try to make it top priority to get an annual physical each January. As well as forcing DH to get one too. (I get so scared that he doesn't go to the Dr. all year long even when he's horribly sick or in pain, that one time when we go in there the Dr. will run tests and it will show cancer, just as it did for his parents who passed away.) So, we headed off to the Dr. today get the work-up done. Well, for the record this new Dr. that took over for my old Dr. has HORRIBLE bedside manner. So, any way, I went in and he asked about my sugars, if I were having any hypothroidism symptoms, and just the general physical Q&A. My only general complaint was that I've started getting the same nagging yet sometimes stabbing pain in my right side as I got while I was pregnant when I had elevated liver enzymes with the toxemia. Well, the pain has persistantly gotten worse the past couple of months. Well, the idiot decied to lower my metformin dosage before he got back my bloodwork, which ticks me off, b/c that is what he did with my synthroid and he threw my TSH levels WAY out of whack. So, I'm just waiting for my sugars to start jumping all over the place too. Not to mention his rudeness of telling me in his exact words, "You need to lose weight, you're extremely obese, and doing so will help your sugars and possibly your right sided pain." Can you say "A$$HOLE!!"? Any way, after all that was said and done, he sent me to the lab to get 3 vials of blood taken and urine.

Now onto DH....In the past month he's being getting some type of pain right where his ribs meet together in the front. He's been saying that he thinks he has an ulcer, but I think it's his gallbladder. So, the Dr. examines him rights out his lab work, and starts to put something on there for blood work. At this point DH tells the Dr. find out what is wrong, but without poking me endlessly with needles, you can subject me to all the radioactive procedures you want, but I refuse to have blood taken. (He's a big baby, but he's also had a bad experience with getting bloodwork done so that is another reason he steers clear of it.) So, to this the Dr. rolls his eyes, and rips up the lab paper that he was writing on and pulls out another one to fill out. Then he asks DH, "If the test results come back that may result in a possible surgery are you going to object to that too?" To this DH responds with "I'm leaving this world with what I came into it with and you're not putting me under or cutting me wit any knife." To this the Dr. shrugs, sighs, and shakes his head. Sometimes I don't get DH. He has a baby now and me (sometimes I wonder if he even thinks about this when it comes to health issues) wouldn't you think that if there were something MAJORLY wrong that he would want to fix it for our sakes. ARGH!!!! That man drives me up the wall. So, please pray it's nothing serious that involves surgery, b/c his stubborn a$$ would rather die than fix it.

Now for *B*..... I've been taking him to his well baby visits, and other Dr. visits that he's need for various reasons religiously. So, the other day he was rubbing his ear like he does his eyes when he's tired, as well as sticking his finger in it, and tugging on it. I took him to the Dr. for this. While we were there the Dr. noticed that his right eye when he focuses on something jumps back and forth. So, she referred us to an opthamologist, and scheduled him for a CT scan. I'm very nervous about the results b/c if it's neurological it could mean possible brain surgery, and I feel terrible.

Here's why: You can pass me the Bad Mother Award right now!!! I've never mentioned this before, but I hope that it's not my fault. When *B* was 5 days old of course I wasn't getting any sleep through the night and DH had to go back to work. Well, *B* was dealing with jaundice, and I was having to get up early each morning to go to the hospital to have his biliruben levels checked. Any way, I was sleeping with him on the couch and I was out of it b/c I was so exhausted. My dogs barked at something they heard outside, and my completely forgetting that *B* was sleeping on my chest jumped up off the couch and he fell to the floor. I called the pedi. and took him in and she checked him out and pretty much said he was fine and everything was all clear. He didn't fall from a high distance, and he fell on carpet that is well padded underneath. I think I cried harder and more than he did when it happened. Since then there hadn't been any problems with his eyes and focusing issues. Well, that was incident #1.

Fast forward to right before Thanksgiving and his bought with RSV/RVI and incident #2. I had just gotten home from picking my step-sister up at work and taking her home. I had taken *B* with me of course. Well, he has this thing with arching his back when you put him in or get him out of the car seat. So, I put the carseat on the kitchen counter to get him out of it so I could get off his jacket and give him a bottle b/c he was fussing. He arched his back and reached for his toy that was one solid piece that attached on either side of him on the carrying handle, and this time he didn't let go when I scoped him up. The car seat tipped over and he flopped out of my arms to the tile floor landing on the right side of his head. It knocked him out for like 20sec. He woke and screamed. I called the squad and he was rushed to the ER, screaming the whole way. At that time they did x-rays, a CT scan, and kept him for a few hours for observation. The results came back with no cranial pressure, no bleeding or swelling of the brain, and no cracks. By the time they released us in fact he was happy and giggly and acting normal. Since then though little by little I've noticed certain things that aren't right for a child of his age. One being the eyes of course. Others being a heightend startle reflux, and the fact that he rubs his head ALOT on the right side, as well as that is the ear that always seems to bother him. I didn't really shrug them off, but when at the pedi. I never really addressed them with her. She finally brought them up to me, and so I told her the things I noticed and when I started noticing them. Now she's worried that he may have a head related problem from the injury. So, he has to undergo a few tests to see what the problem is. His appt. with the opthamologist is Monday, as well as his CT scan.

Just pray it is nothing serious that may involve brain surgery or any surgery for that matter. I want my baby to be alright, and I'm very scared. I'll keep you updated on the situation. Thanks in advance.

I'm nervous about the

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  1. I'm so sorry about everything!! I hope it all turns out okay.


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