Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just today I found out that two of my friends are pregnant. So, that makes a total of five people in my life that are expecting. I'm handling the news well, where in recent days I would be eating myself into oblivion from my depression, with a box of tissues by my side, between my sobs. Instead I held my baby close, and cuddled him while he fought night-night time. I know that my chance for #2 will come soon enough, and we are trying but not like we did while TTC#1, which became more of a chore than the art of making love. So, any way, once again while I am envious of them I continue to smile and grit my teeth, and bask in the presence of the child I currently would move heaven and earth for.

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  1. Hey! I really need to give you a call and catch up! Who is all prego now? Is your sister still in town?
    I hope you are all well.


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