Monday, January 7, 2008

It MUST Be in the Water....

NO I'm NOT Pregnant!!! Although I wish. I bet that is what you were thinking with that title, weren't you??? The fact of the matter is the majority of my siblings are expecting. I just found out last night, and already I feel that "I WANT A BABY MORE THAN ANYTHING.....RIGHT NOW!!!" syndrome sneaking up on me. I have 2 step-sisters, a step-brother, and a sister that I'm very close with. Of those four, three are expecting. I have many choice words I could say about each particular situation, but instead, I say "Congrats," grit my teeth, and bare the fact that I will be an aunt to three more addtions to our family all within the month of July 2008. I'm irritated by this, b/c I know how my mother and step-father work, and that puts *B* on the back burner big time!!! One of these births will be a first for the baby of the group, so she'll recieve alot of attention, one is my sister who is due directly on *B*'s first birthday, and the other well his child is already the favored one, b/c he's the only boy and it was his first child, now with my luck he'll have the next girl and he lives close therefore more attention.

Of course I probably sound like an attention seeking hog, but damnit my baby deserves to have attention too, and I know with all these new additions he's not going to get it. Plus, well it was a long drawn out struggle for him to be in this world, and I don't want a single milestone nor moment of his life to go un-noticed, if you KWIM??? Problem is that is exactly what is going to happen.

I know this for a fact, b/c my sister hasn't been home for very long, and while my mom was calling me everyday to check on me and *B*, since Christmas and my attitude (we had the flu and Mom insisted on us coming to her house any way) I haven't received a single phone call from her. Now tell me, is that not favoritism toward my sister and her daughter? I think it is. I mean I know I live closer than her, but there are times when I visit my Mom she still talks to my sister on the phone. Not to mention that my sister does live a distance away, and she hasn't even lived there as long as I've lived where I do, and the total of visits my mother has actually been inside my house and sat down and visited I can count on one hand, where my sister on the other hand can't. That is pathetic. I guess I should just chalk it up to I'm not the favored child. I know I never got a fair amount of attention growing up, things were never equal between myself and my siblings, but I will be damned if I let my child go through the same heart ache with them not being equal from his grandparents while growing up; that I did from my parents growing up. I refuse!!!

So, we'll see how his attention from them and these pregnancies play out. I guarantee you though that I WILL be putting my foot down in this matter if *B* isn't treated the same and shown the same amount of attention. In the meantime, DH and I are going to work on that syndrome I have......send some sticky *~*~*BABYDUST*~*~* this way, and wish us luck. Hugs to all!!!

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