Friday, January 18, 2008


The whole process is just horrible. Why can't babies be born with teeth??? I'm telling you if babies went through this while in the womb, there would be alot more mothers with alot less gray hair that aren't so stressed out. Currently *B* has three little white teeth buds that are all about to errupt through the gums any day. He is so cranky with this process, and I'm assuming that is why he hasn't been sleeping either. Well, that and he has HUGE seperation anxiety issues.

So, I've tried everything under the sun that I could think of to help soothe his sore gums. Finally tonite I broke down and tried the infamous "Sugar Tit". OMG!!! It does work!!! He chewed and chewed on that cold wash rag with the ice chips and sugar in it, until he was so tired his little eyes were rolling back in his head. So, I figured he would probably take a bottle at this point. I gave him one he ate it, and has been asleep since 10pm!!! (Knock on wood that he stays that way.) HUGE improvement from the night before at 2:30am, and all this past week at midnight or after. I just wish that those stupid teeth would come in already, or better yet not all at once.

So, with it being a reasonable hour and me being exhausted, and I KNOW he's sleeping soundly ( a slight snore going on) I'm headed to bed to catch up a little bit of sleep that I've been missing. Pray those teeth break through rather quickly. THANKS!!!

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