Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh how I miss....

the days when my baby slept from 9pm to almost 9am WITHOUT waking up. For the past week he hasn't been going to sleep until midnight or after, and then he's been waking up at least once throughout the night if not more. I keep the same routine everyday all day long and start the bedtime routine it at the same time every night, but it's not working. I'm not sure what is going on. I know if he's in mine or DH's arms he's fine and sleeping soundly, but the second he's put in his crib his eyes pop open, and if you don't scoop him up right away he screams. If we are able to place him in his crib without this happening then maybe at the most three hours will pass before he wakes and starts screaming. Most times he doesn't take a bottle, but instantly falls back asleep once in your arms. There has been a couple of times that he's taken a bottle or needed a diaper change when he wakes up, but with those middle of the night bottles he only maybe gets in an ounce before he's back asleep. Only to do it all over again in a few hours until around 8am when he takes a full bottle and is up for the day. I wish I knew what the problem was or how to fix it, b/c his lack of sleep is wearing out Mama, not mention not getting enough sleep is weakening my immune system and I now have a horrible cold I'm fighting off.

I know that there are certain people out there that would say put him to bed drowsy, but awake and then let him CIO if he starts fussing, but I'm not a fan of CIO. Not to mention the one time that I did try it *B* only made it six minutes before he made himself vomit, b/c he was so worked up. So, needless to say I won't be doing that again. I thought it was him teething so I've tried Motrin and/or Tylenol alternating with him. I've tried pushing back the bedtime drill a bit, which made him even more crankier by the time it was night-night bottle time, and he still didn't fall asleep after eating it. I've even tried sticking him in bad with DH and I, since he wants to be near us, and that didn't work as he thought it was play time and kicked and babbled away. So, my question to you is what do you think is going on with him and how do I fix it, b/c this new routine of his is exhausting me?


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  2. Nikki had the same nightime issues when she was going through a growth spurt. Maybe your little man is going through the same thing??

  3. I think it may be teeth at his age. Which so sadly, means that other than the Tylenol/Motrin combo (which is my friend too), you'll have to wait it out. Audra goes through phases, and has been doing it again lately. She does sleep through the night, but I generally cannot get her back to sleep before 10pm, which is driving me totally crazy. I surely hope he gives you a break soon!


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