Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome ICLW and Things Thus Far

Welcome Dreamers!! If you've found my blog from ICLW, you've found my little piece of heaven (or hell depending on the day) in the blogosphere. If your new to my blog, please feel free to poke around and get to know me. The trials and tribulations of my TTC journey can be found HERE, and if you're not new to my blog but still have no clue what ICLW is although I've been talking about it and participating in it every month since March as part of my 101 in 1001 goals you can go HERE to enlighten yourself on that. (Got to love how I'm a run-on sentencer, oh well... LOL!)

If you're here looking for things about the Love Dare from the movie Fireproof... you won't be finding them either except in previous entries that didn't last very long. I don't quit on anything usually, but this I did. Not b/c I didn't care or I don't love my DH, but b/c there has been a change of events that has brought a hell storm upon our love, our marriage, and our commitment to one another. I realized after he started stalking my blog, after I started hacking his email and FB account that I wasn't in the wrong for doing the Love Dare or writing about him... but I was in the wrong for not trusting him. (With good reason though I lost that trust.) I also realized that our marriage is more fragile that I thought and that we need more help than the steps of any Love Dare would of done for us at this point. So, all I can say is we're not good, but we're not horribly bad... we're in between and we're both of us trying to work on things.

As for my blog and going private... I'm not. I thought about it. DH and I talked about it. He knows it's my venting outlet about a whole slew of things. He knows that I receive support from so many of you out there in the blogosphere when I need it. So, b/c of that I'm staying open tot he public albeit with some exceptions, which those that follow me will be able to pick up on in the coming weeks as I write.

In other news... H*attie is still living here, and I'm pretty sure that that chapter is about to close. After a very tearful conversation between DH and I, he realized that she uses word play on little things and with those words drives deeper wedges between him and me. So, he's giving her an out date now that she has a job. I'm hoping this time he'll stand his ground on the matter.
... *B* is growing like a weed around here. He's so smart. I've been teaching him his colors and he knows them all, but has a hard time deciphering between black, brown, and gray. He knows his numbers 1-10 and the actual amount that each of those are. He knows his left from his right. He's in size 4T in all clothes, and a size 9 in shoes. He's in love with his mohawk. He's got a tender heart. And lastly he's such a big helper boy. I'm so lucky to be his Mommy, I couldn't of asked for a more wonderful and perfect son. God truly blessed me 3 1/2yrs ago.

And in closing... if you've made it this far I and you find me interesting and would like to stick around, feel free to follow my blog over there on the left... b/c if you follow me I'll follow you. All you have to do is let me know that you're a new follower of my blog by comment. I'm trying to get to 50 followers, and if I do I have a giveaway in store. So, please I encourage you to follow away. Happy ICLW!!


  1. Happy ICLW! I hope you and your hubby are able to work things out!

    ICLW #25

  2. happy ICLW!!

    You are a very strong amazing women for everything you have been through!!

    ICLW #100

  3. I admire your strength and wish you the best!

    Stopping by for ICLW ~#42

  4. Hey - that's one beautiful little boy you've got there! I loved meeting you :) xxx

  5. I'm sorry for all that you are going through and I hope things will start looking up soon. Blogs are a funny thing, we write some of our most personal thoughts here for all and sundry to read, but finding out someone IRL has read it can seem like a violation!
    Love to you xxx

  6. I just clicked your follower button..lol. I am now a follower. Your blog is so great, I am glad I found it. You family is beautiful. I really hope things start looking up for you.

    Hope your having a great week.

    ICLW #79

  7. I'm sorry to hear that your marriage is going through a tough spot right now but I do think it's wonderful to hear you are BOTH working on making this better - that is the key to fixing it I believe!

    Happy ICLW
    #115 http://lovelyladybump.blogspot.com/

  8. So nice to "meet" you! I'm sorry things are so tough right now - I hope things are easier and happier very, very soon.

    Happy ICLW!

  9. my husband and I went through something about a year ago that made me realize much the same - FB sucks, trust can be broken and marriage is fragile and hard work (not that I didn't alrady know that!)
    we are doing great now - I hope the best for you guys.



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