Wednesday, March 10, 2010

101 Things In 1001 Days

I got this idea from a fellow IF-er and blogging friend. Her name is Jenny and you can check out her List at her blog Paisley Blooms (Someday). Basically it's a list that you make of 101 Things that you try to complete in 1001 Days or less. I have issues with completing lists unless they're put into black and white, so here's mine in writing. And much like Jenny... I'll be coming back to it and crossing things off as I've accomplished them, so stay tuned. Oh, and if you are inspired to make a list after reading over ours', please be so kind as to leave a comment and let me know so I can check out your list too!! Best of Luck!!
  1. Become an Iron Commenter once during an IComLeavWe week.
  2. Participate in every ICLW for a year.
  3. Lose 25lbs or more. I'm going to count losing all 26lbs of my baby weight from *A*.
  4. Workout for 20min a day for 30days straight on my exercise bike.
  5. Watch what I eat for those 30days, and
  6. Count my calorie intake for those 30days.
  7. Try not to cry on *B*'s first day of pre-school. I successfully didn't cry in front of him, but I did cry so epic win and epic fail.
  8. Go 2wks without any form of fast food.
  9. Learn how to salsa dance.
  10. Drink 3 mixed alcoholic drinks that I've never had before.
  11. Paint my dining room.
  12. Finish decorating the dining room in my country star theme.
  13. Pick out a theme for *B*'s bedroom, and
  14. Paint *B*'s bedroom, and
  15. Decorate *B*'s bedroom.
  16. Pick out a theme for the bathroom, and
  17. Paint the bathroom, and
  18. Decorate the bathroom.
  19. Watch all my DVR'd shows in the week that I DVR them for a month.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Go on a family vacation to the ocean.
  22. Write our names in the sand at the beach, and
  23. Take a picture of it.
  24. Visit my sister and her family in KY.
  25. See my best-friend Jodie's new apartment.
  26. Get my hair cut, colored, and highlighted all at the same time.
  27. Make 5 new recipes from scratch.
  28. Make cupcakes for the first time ever.
  29. Walk in the local Relay for Life event.
  30. Walk in the local Autism Awareness 5K.
  31. Get off my blood pressure meds.
  32. Stay in a bed and breakfast.
  33. Go a day without using a curse word.
  34. Start and complete the 100day sex challenge we tried to do awhile back.
  35. Make it to the pool at least once a week for entire time it's open.
  36. Make it to the park once at least once a week for 3mths.
  37. Get another tattoo.
  38. Get a pedicure.
  39. Get a manicure.
  40. Get a massage from someone licensed.
  41. Go back to school. (pending 10/4/10 start date.)
  42. Design my own blog background.
  43. Blog everyday for a month.
  44. Go to bed before midnight, and
  45. Wake up before 10am everyday for a week.
  46. Complete the 30 Day Shred workout video without modifications.
  47. Have a garage sale.
  48. Finish my backyard landscaping.
  49. Pay off our debt.
  50. Get a part-time job.
  51. Take my medicine correctly everyday.
  52. Stay away from the internet completely for a week. That wasn't hard having a newborn and all.
  53. Go a day without checking the weather channel.
  54. Finish unpacking boxes in our basement from when we moved.
  55. Reach 50 followers on this blog.
  56. Try champagne.
  57. Drink only 100% juice or water for a month. That wasn't hard having GD while pregnant.
  58. Keep a daily food journal for a month. Wasn't hard having GD while pregnant.
  59. Put my laundry away after it's finished instead of leaving it hang on the rack.
  60. Take a bubble bath.
  61. Jump on the trampoline with *B* for 20min a day for a week.
  62. Go to Disneyland.
  63. Go on a cruise.
  64. Stay in a summer cottage/cabin on Lake Erie.
  65. Go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game.
  66. Let DH give me my infertility injections without being nervous.
  67. Hostess another blog giveaway.
  68. Win a blog giveaway.
  69. Learn how to do yoga.
  70. Sit on my porch during a thunderstorm.
  71. Make a snow angel with *B*.
  72. Make a snowman with *B*.
  73. Print out all my photos, and
  74. organize them.
  75. Learn how to Photoshop a portrait to enhance it.
  76. Wear a sundress once a month throughout summer.
  77. Limit myself to 5 pairs of new flip-flops for a season.
  78. Finish *B*'s baby book scrapbook.
  79. Invite my family over for big Sunday dinners like we used to have.
  80. Go a day without raising my voice, b/c I'm angry.
  81. Teach *B* his ABC's.
  82. Teach *B* his colors better.
  83. Teach *B* his phone #.
  84. Teach *B* his address.
  85. Watch the entire series of ER.
  86. Find an OB/RE I actually like.
  87. Get *B* sleeping in his own bed all night long again.
  88. Fully day-time potty train *B*.
  89. Fully night-time potty train *B*.
  90. Hostess a holiday gathering at my house for my Mom's side of the family.
  91. Use my crock pot everyday for a week.
  92. Try not to eat after 8pm for a month.
  93. Learn how to style my hair 3 new ways.
  94. Have a Pure Romance party.
  95. Have a Tastefully Simple party.
  96. Have a Stampin' Up party.
  97. Update my first online blog/journal once a month.
  98. Figure out how to make a functional page toolbar for my blog.
  99. Add to our family of 3, either by having another or adoption. *A* made 4 on 7/26/11!!
  100. Attend and complete a zumba fitness class.
  101. Complete this list in it's entirety.


  1. Damn...what a great list. Must have taken you a long time to come up w/ all those things. I want you to see my new place too!!! I miss and Love you lots.

  2. You made an awesome list! This is going to be so cool because our goals need to be completed by the same day. :)
    I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog but now I am so yay!
    Ok and I'm dying to know, what's the 100 day sex challenge? That one totally caught my eye.

  3. wow that's an awesome and inspiring list of things to do chicky! 1001 days is what, just over 21/2 years? I'm already thinking of things I would put on my list.. I love lists lol I'll be posting one myself : ) this will be fun!

  4. man, that is a lot!

    i can help you with the 3 mixed drinks other than that? i'm a slacker.


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