Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long Time No See

Hello again Haggatha! It's about time you made your damned presence. I mean what it this like CD one million now or something? (I kid, I kid.) Seriously though AF appeared FINALLY in all her glory today and it's CD66. I had given up hope and was intenting on calling an OB/GYN, so s/he could call out a search party. I had an inkling she was lurking though, you know with the pizza face look I got with all these zits popping up over the weekend. So, now she's here.

Any how guess I won't have to find an OB/GYN to get into to get AF induced before my RE appt next month. Thank God for that. I am emotional and crampy as hell though, and I was secretly holding out hope that I was pregnant and all the stupid HPTs I've taken that kept daunting me with BFNs were just wrong. Guess I was just wrong. Hey one can never know right? Any way, it appears as though the RE I'm going to be seeing on Apr.8th wants me to have another full work up again with blood work, HSG, u/s, and pretty much the whole she-bang from the paper work I received today. This all will really suck since I had all this done already and I have limited infertility coverage now. I'm eager to talk to this new RE and see why I have to redo all this. Maybe it's the time frame since I've had it done, or maybe it's the lack of records they have on me since my OB/GYN is an asshole and won't release my stuff. Who knows? Any one out there have any ideas?


  1. Maybe because the lack of records...even if she/he had the records it has been over 2 Years since any testing has been done and anything could have happened/changed in that time frame so maybe that is why too. Talk it over w/ them and see. I am so excited for you to be going to them!! :)

  2. Your doctor has a legal obligation to release your medical records, he can not hold them. I had to have another HSG in January even though I had one two years ago, like Jodie said anything could have changed during that time.

  3. Jodie- I'm excited to be going there too!! Maybe we can do lunch that day or something?

    Heidi- I had a major falling out with my OB/GYN, and they won't release my records to me, they wouldn't even call me back about a breast health issue I had at the end of the year. I'm hoping that once I go to the RE and sign a information release waiver that my records will be transferred.

    I'll bet it is the time frame thing. It's been since before I had *B* that I had an HSG. Dang I can't believe it's been that long?!?! And he'll be 3 in July.

  4. We will have to do lunch. what's the date you are going? I am so excited for u.

  5. After my miscarriage in December, they made me repeat all the bloodwork and a hysteroscopy at my existing RE. I guess the bloodwork is sort of an annual thing and I would have had to repeat it eventually even if the first IVF had failed. Also, I think a lot of doc's have the attitude that their tests, labs, clinic are more professional and therefore the work of others can't be trusted. Ugh.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. marked my calendar! :)

  7. & to Hedi-
    I work in a doctors office, & yes they do have legal obligation to hand over records, but that does not mean they 'will' they will say things like "its takes awhile to get files together" & blah blah blah. They do it on their own time if there has been a falling out, & that can last FOREVER!

  8. I'm doing one more month of Clomid and then heading to an RE if it doesn't work. I'm also hoping I won't have to have another complete work up since a lot of it could be out of pocket just because it's ordered by an RE. But from what I hear it's their protocol to start over.

    Good luck! Happy ICLW!


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