Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ready For Spring

In gearing up for spring I made over the blog to give it a spring-y fill. What do ya'll think? Honest opinions please. If there is anything I should change I'm open to hearing it so I can fix it.
I can not say this enthusiastically enough, that I am so ready for spring already. I really want all this snow to melt. It is melting, but ever so slowly and it's currently all nasty and not very pretty to look at. I want my beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees to bud and bloom (I sure hope my azalea bush that actually lived that I planted last year is still alive after being completely buried in the snow to where you couldn't see it, b/c it's smooshed and spread out looking now that the snow is melting). I want it to be sunny outside, but so that you can actually tell it's sunny without winter haze. I want to be able to wear short sleeves. I want to be able to go outside to let *B* play and it not be a muddy mess. I want the daylight hours to be longer and the temperatures warmer. I want Easter to be here to celebrate our Lord and Saviour and spend time with our extended family with a big yummy Sunday dinner. I want to see my sister for her baby shower in late April-early May. Most of all out of everything I want my appt. for my new RE that is scheduled for mid-April to get here, b/c that means TTC again (not that we're not right now, but with help I have more hope than naturally). So, needless to say I'm more than ready for spring to get here and the warmth of the season to allow us to get outside enjoy ourselves and the view of blossoming plants and loves (you know the birds & bees and and what not being twitter-pated... lol), and shine new life in/on our family God willing.

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