Monday, March 15, 2010

Q & A (*Updated*)

After posting my 101 in 1001 list I was asked a variety of questions and left a variety of comments and sent a variety of e-mails. Since a lot of you are asking similar questions, and I've been soaking up the warmth in these here parts the past week I thought rather than respond to ya'll individually I would just post it up here. (Sorry if that's in personal and rude, I hope you can understand.)

So here goes:
Q-"What is the 100 day Sex Challenge?"
A- This is a challenge that I got from a former blogger's blog that suddenly and sadly closed her blog this past year for personal reason. But, basically what it is, is that you must have sex or do something sexual with your partner for 100 straight days resulting in an orgasm for one of you or both of you each day. And, even if you don't feel like doing anything, you're wore out from being over sex-ed, or whatever you CAN NOT say NO!

Q- "Do you need any help with mixed drink recommendations?"
A- Well, yeah actually. I was just going to go to this site and randomly pick 3 drinks with my liquor of choice (vodka), but you can run into some really nasty tasting things doing that. So, if you've got some tried and true tested one that taste good.... by all means pass them along.

Q- "You're getting another tattoo? Didn't know you already had one. What is it and where is it and what is you're new one going to be?"
A- I actually have 2 tattoos. I have a red, white, and blue flower on my spine between my shoulder blades. I liked it when I first got it done, but now I hate the positioning of it and wish it were higher. My other tattoo is on my left outer calf. It's a hibiscus flower with a butterfly landing on it and DH's name floating above it. My new tattoo I'm very undecided on. I want to get something with *B*'s name on it, but I hope he's not our only child and I don't want to really have to get a tattoo for each child, so I thought about waiting on that. As far as placement I've thought about the top of my foot and the side of my neck behind my ear, but nothing is set in stone yet so I'll let you know.

Q- "What themes are you doing your bathroom and *B*'s room in?"
A- I'm set on doing my bathroom theme and brightly colored blues and greens. I had originally wanted a lighthouse theme, but I'm going with unique instead. For *B*'s room, he's almost 3yrs old and I need to decide on a theme that he can grow into and will hopefully like until he's 8-10yrs. old so I don't have to throw a bunch more money that way. Any suggestions for a little boy themed room that's not to mature and versatile?

Q- "OMG! I didn't know *B* was going to pre-school already. Isn't he too young? Why don't we know about this?"
A- *B* isn't to young he's 2yrs old and will be 3yrs old July 1st. The start age around here for pre-school is 3yrs old. Plus, he's pretty advanced as it is and we think it will be good for him to interact more with other children, since he is an only child right now. As far as you Dreamers not knowing about it... I'm sorry and I do apologize. I posted about it on my FB that we went to an Open House for a local pre-school, and since then I just haven't had the time to post how it went or what is going on, let alone post it to my blog. But, you can keep up with me on FB if you would like, and as soon as I figure how to link my blog to FB that will make it easier, but in the meantime just email me and I'll let you know how to find me. Oh and look for an entry about the pre-school Open House coming soon.

Q- "What do you want to go back to school for and where?"
A- Currently I'll probably go back to school online (not sure where as of yet and I'm in no hurry b/c I don't plan on doing it until *B*'s in pre-school at least), b/c it's just easier with being a SAHM and having *B* so that we don't have to pay for daycare. As far as what I plan on going back to school for... I would like to be an ultrasound tech but instead of localizing in that particular profession I'm going to broad spectrum my learning in radiology so that I can do it all in that field (re: x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, etc).

**Updated: Cuddles and Chaos- Forgive me but I can't access your blogger profile from your comment, so I left you a comment to your comment in my comments. LOL. That's sounds confusing. Please just check my comments. Thanks.**
So, there you have it. You asked. I answered. Keep the questions coming if you have them though and I'll answer them as best as I can as soon as I can.


  1. If you find a local school for radiology let me know. The closest I found was Newark and that is not close for me or doable with my kids' school schedules.
    With all of my ob/gyn stuff and then with the liver stuff...I'm absolutely fascinated with all the radiology stuff. I actually had an u/s today and drove my normal tech to laugh with all of my questions about what we were seeing. So much fun. I'd love to do that for a profession.

  2. Actually Newark (COTC) is quite conveinent for me as it's only about 30min away. Where I live (Coshocton) has a COTC branch also. So, I thought about doing general classes online until *B* is in school then doing my hands on classes at COTC later on.


  3. Thank you for sharing all of this! Love learning more and more about you!

    Had I know about my infertility when I was still in school I really think I would have gone to school to be an u/s tech!


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