Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Year Ago Today

It was one year ago today that my world all changed. For the most part the walls were crashing down around me, with the secrets of my infidelity coming out. DH and I fought and we cried and fought some more and didn't talk to one another and cried and finally talked. We chose from that moment on to make one another a priority and not just an option. So, that evening late after many many hours of finding ourselves again we had make up sex. This is the night that one year ago *B* was conceived. I didn't know that this was happening at the time, but in most cases the timing couldn't of been any better. It was in my opinion God's way of letting me know that coming forward with this horrible news was the best thing I could of ever done. He showed us that things would be alright we just had to focus on each other again, and rekindle that love that we had misplaced so long ago b/c of the toll inferility had on our lives. I'm glad that things sort of had a way of working themselves out after the year that had happened before this event. I am still forever more thankful that our marriage lasted through those devastating blows. I do and I don't regret being unfaithful each for different reasons, but I have learned alot from it. I thrive from my mistakes and I must take the good with the bad. I'm more thankful for this day than I could of ever imagined b/c this is the day that all my dreams became realities.


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