Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Wish...

that I could say that tonite was a better night than last night, and it was until oh about 9pm. I fed B*rennen his night-night cereal bottle, and he cuddle to my breast like he always does, he got sleepy and started acting his normal loopy self. At this point I decided to lay him in his bassinet. The VERY second that I put him in it he was wide awake and smiling up at me. I thought well if I leave him there he might just go to sleep. No such freaking luck. I no sooner got out of my room and flipped off the light and I heard him start to fuss. Then I proceeded into the computer room and he started to whail and gag. A few times I heard him settle and grunt, so I let him be. After this went on for about 20min, I decided it was time for Mama to rescue him from the depths of what he thinks is his horrible bed at the moment.

I realized that his grunting was him pooping or "trying" to poop. (One tiny rabbit sized turd was all he managed.) So, I figured I would give him a suppository b/c it's been almost 48hours since his last BM by this time, wait for it to come out, then change him and try again. He managed 10 or 12 more rabbit turds and then was happy. So, I set out to put him to bed again. I placed him in his bassinet without hearing a peep for 15min and then it started. He was screaming like someone was murdering him. I let this go on for only 5-10min when the neighbor called to ask if everything was alright b/c she could hear him. I said yes, just struggling with B and bedtime. I hung up with her and went to rescue him yet again. This time it took 45min of rocking for him to become drowsy. I then tried again, and only got to the bedroom door before he started. So, I thought well maybe there is something more wrong with him.

Diaper.....DRY.....Check. Maybe hungry......fixed a bottle......wanted nothing to do with it....ARGH. Stuck my finger in his mouth.......OMGoodness.....his tooth is about to pop through the gums. His gums on the bottom and top are rigidity and white and MAJORLY swollen. I found the problem. So, infant Tylenol to the rescue. One dose of that and 20min later B is sleeping and Mama's sanity returns. Thank God!!! So far he's been out without a peep for 25min. I can only now hope he sleeps through the night. Fingers crossed I'll let you know.

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  1. Wow, he's going to get teeth early! Audra doesn't have teeth yet...

    Just a thought here, if you've given him Tylenol, and he's still fussy, but it's too soon to give him another dose, you could try Hyland's teething tablets. I know they really work wonders on some babies!


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