Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

A new year... a new set of hopes.... and another resolution. Like so many of us I think that we put so much emphasis on the dropping on the ball as a new leaf being turned for us. For myself, I guess I'm one of the followers, b/c I do the same. At the beginning of every new year I feel so full of hope as though something miraculous will occur and forever my life will change. I start into the new year each time with the hopes of something new panning out before the year concludes, always ALWAYS to have my hopes crushed come the dropping of the ball for the next new year. I naively follow old wives tales (eating sour kraut and pork for your first meal in the new year for good luck and kissing a loved one right as the ball drops) each year, which I know are lame but traditional, and still do these things change the outcome of what lies ahead? Nope, probably not. So, now that my hopes for 2008 never came full circle and the year is gone, with 2009 upon us I'm left with new hopes. I'm leery as to put them to words as though it may jinx there ability to come true, but as part of my newest New Year's resolution I'm putting myself out there. So,

my resolutions for 2009:
-live in the moment, don't over analyze just let whatever happens happen, and if I feel out of control go with it, it might be the defining moment in 2009 that changes my life
-try to be more manageable and organized
-I've always wanted to lose "x" amount of weight each year, so this year I'm going to say get fit, adapt a healthier lifestyle, and stick to it
-start and finish with no days missed The Biggest Loser Challenge: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout video

my hopes for 2009:
-to stick with and resolve ALL my New Year's resolutions
-to get a bfp, and maintain the pregnancy with little to no complications and have a happy healthy baby
-that my family will find peace in themselves and guidance to perserveer and grow and that they will be able to do this themselves without having to rely on DH or myself
-to grow as a person and find more "ME" time if at all possible

Best wishes to each of you and Happy New Year. I hope each of your resolutions you stick to and your hopes and dreams come true for this year.

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