Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Because

Things here have been stressful to say te least. H*attie is still up to her non-mothering ways and it's taken it's toll on this household (read: my marriage). God, knows I love the girl to death, but I'm patiently waiting for the day that she grows up and acts like the mature adult she should be. Her latest antics have us fighting with her and DH's older sister. She left her child alone. Now CPS is involved, and quite certainly I'm thankful, but at the same rate how can you do that to your own child??? I will never know. She just left crying uncontrollably at home while she went off and did God knows what. Well, I called the cops which pulled in CPS, and now they're breathing down her neck and possibly bringing her up on in turn she calls them on her older sister and blames it on me says I'm on the ball trying to get everyone's kids taken from them. NICE!!! I'm not really sure why I've put myself in this situation. Maybe b/c he's my nephew, maybe b/c my love of babies, or maybe b/c I enjoy the everyday chaos that taking on the responsibility of choosing to raise H*attie almost 6yrs ago brings me. Who knows?

So, yesterday was a very stressful day with me and the older sister fighting, and she lives literally across the alley/street from me. In the midst of this an ice storm was going on outside, and dum, dum, dum..... the power went out three times. Well, both her house and mine are total electric, but we have a kerosene heater that keeps most half of our trailor warm. So, after calling me a liar and a bitch quite many times in the two days prior to this, what does she do? Bundles herself and her family up and brings them to my house to stay warm. By the time DH had to leave for work (b/c yes the power was still on there, but do they care it's trecherous out there and we're in a level two snow roofing material and window-wrap still needs made...I guess so off to work he went) I had already pulled him aside from everyone and had a break down about how I couldn't handle it no more. He cupped my face in his hands, kissed me and told me I'm a strong woman, but to do what ever I feel is right b/c him seeing me hurt, hurts him more than I'm hurting. Awwwww!

So this morning I wake up to him caring for both boys, b/c he came in from work and turned off the baby monitor in our room, and three long stem red roses. I asked him why the roses, I don't think I deserve them. His response.... "Just Because."


  1. Oh Catrisha, I am so upset with Hattie. So has Hunter been placed in your care...kinship?? Is Hattie really preggo again. How in the world could she leave a baby on your porch in freezing temps??? Oh this upsets me.

  2. wow she really needs to grow up i think you should just raise the baby you and your hubby cause hattie does not know how to be a real mother thats sad leaving a baby on a porch


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