Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Get Better

My dear sweet boy is sick. He's been sick on and off since last Wednesday, but really bad since Sunday morning. Wednesday and Thursday he was just really clingy and Thursday it was coming out both ends. I felt so unbelievably bad for him. Then Friday rolled around and he was fine, same with Saturday. Sunday morning at 5am I was awoke by his whimpers across the baby monitor. He was burning up. No fever before, but a fever now. So, Tylenol I gave him and a cup of water and put him back to bed. He was having none of that, so to our bed he came. Monday more fever, but no other symptoms, and a call to the Dr. with no appts for that day. So, yesterday more fever and more Tylenol and into see the pediatrician. The verdict....RSV AGAIN!!! My poor baby. He had it last year before Thanksgiving now again this year, and I'm not sure why he's getting it. Plus, an ear infection and a molar that came threw FINALLY!!! But, the worst part of this is that he's refused all foods and fluids since breakfast yesterday, to which he ate a bite of toast and only took a couple sips of his cup; and the pediatrician says that 24hrs without intake of any kind will warrant a stay in the hospital. So, I pray that he eats something in the morning or at least will drink something, b/c I'm not looking for another C*hildren's H*ospital stay.

On the plus side of this (as if there could be a plus side), he's usually a Daddy's boy. Well, he's only wanted Mommy, and while I love all the extra cuddle time and attention. I'm starting to get a cold from him I think. Well, that or lack of sleep and my system being run down from 24hr care. The sad part....when he's better I know his preference in which parent he prefers will resume..sniff, sniff. My little baby is growing into a little boy.

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  1. i hope he getting better soon my prayers are with him its so sad when there sick


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