Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Things here have been hectic to say the least. I think that each and every one of our lives is filled with lots of chaos at this time of year, but I truely believe that some more than others. Since 12/17/08 I've had H*unter here all except for one night. H*attie and J*ordan came to get him this morning. I couldn't imagine being away from my baby this long at this age and on Christmas morning of all mornings, but she doesn't mind in fact she's the one that asked me to keep keeping him. She's having a hard time with PPD, but she won't contact her Dr. to get treatment for it. Plus, I suppose that J*ordan losing his job the Friday after they came home from the hospital has played a huge toll on them too. For me mothering two is hard work. It's not H*unter that is giving me the issues, but *B*. He's jealous...and he very well should be as I'm his Mommy and he doesn't fully understand why there is this new little baby in this house taking away my time from him. He's not been sleeping well for us again b/c he's afraid he'll miss something when it comes to H*unter. Any way, he's home with his parents now and I hope to get some much needed sleep and spend some quality time with my baby tomorrow playing with all his new toys that he got today from Santa, b/c thankfully he's sleeping and at a decent time. Unfortunately since things are still bleak for H*attie and them, I'm sure it won't be long before I'm getting a call asking me to keep him yet again. Oh, and while I love having him here and spending time with him DH isn't as thrilled....he thinks I'm making it too easy on them. So, there has been alot of bickering between him and me. For me I'm torn between the best interest of the baby or let them deal with it???? I weigh this and each time I worry about that little guy, b/c it's not his fault that his parents more or less can't handle him and don't want him around. What would you do?
As for us....we didn't get my godson. S*andra would be rolling in her grave. The lady that originally contacted us from CPS never called and never called. Finally come late the afternoon of the placement I couldn't stand being on pins and needles any longer I called her. I asked her what was going on with his placement and should we be expecting him. Her response to me was "He's already been placed in a good foster home that is adequate for providing for him that is already licensed and wouldn't need to re-certify, plus L*uke (the dad) doesn't want him placed with you.....I can no longer discuss the case with you." Since then I've had a million questions run through my head that I wish I would of asked her, not sure if she would of answered them or not, but now I'll never know; instead I politely said thank you for your time and hung up. Of course I bawled, b/c S*andra would never of wanted this. He's not been placed with any of S*andra's family, and the CPS lady isn't releasing any information to them about him. I'm not sure how L*uke still had a say-so as I'm pretty certain that CPS had custody at this point, but who knows. I just pray that his best interest was at heart and he's well taken care of where ever he is.

Today....well, present opening was a blast. That was until *B* lost interest in the ripping of paper and only wanted to play with the gifts that attracted his attention already that he'd opened. We probably over did it with gifts for *B*, but I loved seeing his face as each gift was revealed and then when DH opened each one and put it together so he could play with it. His favorites were the fish aquarium that DH's older sister got him, the basketball ball hoop that my sister got him, the robot that one of my aunt's got him, the tool set and bouncy zebra that we got him, and the trike that my mom got him. DH got me new clothes and shoes, a spa package, and a gift certificate to get my hair cut and colored. I got him clothes, cologne, tools, and a Starbucks gift card. We were more worried about *B*, and he made out like a bandit. There was lots of great food and many memories to last a lifetime as this was his first Christmas that he could get into opening gifts and what not. Of course he was the Christmas ham, and put on a show for everyone of our family members at each place we visited. Oh my do I love my son. All and all it was a great day, and I need my sleep now that the stress-filled event is over, and I'm back down to just having my child...LOL. I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics from the three Christmas dinners that we either held or attended. Merry Christmas Everyone, Hope You Were just as Blessed as We Were!!!

Christmas with DH's side of the family at our house on December 20th:
Christmas at my Aunt's house December 24th...the robot that he LOVES!!!:
*B*'s reaction to seeing
This and this when he woke up this morning:
Opening and playing with his gifts this morning at our house.
Christmas at my mom's house today:

***Oh and if you've made it this far check out my post below this one from yesterday....I'm an Aunt again to ANOTHER preemie.***


  1. I'm so sad that you didn't get Sandra's son. I'm praying for that little guy.

  2. your little one os so cute hes getting so big love the pictures merry christmas and happy new year


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