Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Tis the Season for Premature Babies

Well, at least in my family it must be. I am an aunt yet again this month. My step-sister who wasn't originally due until 1/23/09 had her little girl. She's 5wks early, so tiny, but adorable. My step-sis had something called cholestasis (sp?) that deals with your gallbladder. It's causing the gallbladder to release toxins into her blood stream that her liver can no longer filter out and it was causing the baby to be under-developed and not move like she was supposed to. Her Drs. told her that if she stayed pregnant one week longer it was likely that the baby and/or herself may die. Mother and baby are both doing fine. The baby has had a couple of breathing spells where she forgets to breath since she was born, but nothing that has warranted NICU time or any hospital time for that matter. So she was started on an induction method the night of 12/18/08. Please help me welcome to the world my adorable niece

B*rayLynne N*evaeh
December 19, 2008 @ 12:52pm
5lbs 2oz......18in.
I wasn't able to see her for the first time until Christmas day as I was busy, busy, busy (aren't we all at this time of year though?), and I couldn't get over just how tiny she is. Here is a picture of her fitting into a little babydoll carrying thing that one of my other nieces received for Christmas.
Here is my step-sis and little B*rayLynne.
My jealous heathen, but he's so full of love to give to any baby. He's giving her kisses on her head here.
Here is B*rayLynne and her Daddy.


  1. omg what a cutie Congrats Aunty Catrisha.She weighed the exact same as Natalie did and she was almost 6 weeks early.Nat did the same breathing thing and spent some time in the nicu but now she is a healthy 5 year old.

  2. beautiful baby girl girl


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